Intelligent solutions for the automotive industry

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What does it mean when the vehicle of the future is defined more by software and services than by "hardware"? When networked technologies control vehicles and in this way revolutionise the automotive industry? In the area of Mobility Solutions we deal with concepts and solutions for autonomous driving and Mobility as a Service. Find out, for example, how Car2Car and Car2Environment can be securely connected.


 Findings from partnerships with global automotive brands
 Global expertise from the provision of services
 Best-in-class technologies from Fujitsu's own development
 Numerous proofs of concept with automobile manufacturers


  • With our world's most secure Over the Air Vehicle Update Solution (OTA), you can remotely import all types of software updates into your fleet. OTA offers the possibility of remotely updating not only infotainment or consumption data, but also the engine control of a modern car with a single solution, without having to take the car to a specialised garage. This enables you to massively reduce maintenance and service costs.
  • Current studies and projects show that in the future, around 80 percent of the data collected in test fleets and future production vehicles will be video data. According to our own tests, one minute of video corresponds to about 450 MB of data, an entire day quickly producing 25 TB of data. With Image Data Lightning you can compress this video data by a factor of 1,000, which is unique in the industry.
  • You will also see use cases for the quantum-inspired Digital Annealer in the automotive industry, for example
    • For optimised placement of stock parts in factories and logistics centres
    • For optimised robot positioning, thereby reducing reprogramming time to seconds
    • For optimised time and resource calculations for more product individualisation up to batch size one
    • For car pool management – you manage bookings, taking into account complex criteria, and assign vehicles for optimal route utilisation
  • Get to know our Smart Mobility platform SPATIOWL and other innovations for the automotive industry.
  • Biometric authentication with PalmSecure – our hand vein scanning technology – can make car sharing concepts much more secure. With PalmSecure, for example, only registered users can open doors, start the engine or use paid services – contactless, hygienic and secure.
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