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Case Studies

Fujitsu bietet Lösungen für die herausforderndsten IT-Probleme. Sehen Sie sich in unseren Case Studies an, was Fujitsu und unsere Kunden gemeinsam geschafft haben.

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  • AI and 3D Laser sensing technology applied by the International Gymnastics Federation supports judges’ decision-making by accurately evaluating athlete’s techniques
    Changing the world of sports with a judging support system that uses AI technology and 3D sensing.
  • Siam Commercial Bank and The Mall Group use self-checkout systems to make the cashless society a reality in Thailand
    Co-creation with Siam Commercial Bank delivers cashless self-checkout for The Mall
  • Cloud service FrontSHIP enables Shizuoka Bank to implement “One to One’ recommendations and applications, to meet individual customer requirements
    Banking channel innovation realizing new community-based financial services
  • The AI Chatbot CHORDSHIP automates customer inquiries, reaches the resolution rate to 70-80 percent, and becomes an effective way to communicate with new customers at Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company
    Transforming customer touchpoints – Chatbot technology introduced as part of companywide digitalization
  • Blockchain Technology and Cloud-based service platform Virtuora DX helps Mitsubishi Estate to collaborate with different industries to create innovation and new businesses
    Applying blockchain to facilitate cross-company data usage and launching a consortium to find new insights.
  • Toray Industries benefits by the power of quantum computing, as Digital Annealer designs large proteins with most stable structures in just a few minutes
    Co-creation to open new frontiers, being inspired by quantum phenomena.
  • As early adopter of AI Zinrai Deep Learning System powered by DLU, Dutch IT infrastructure supplier Serverius now offers highly innovative cloud sourcing models to the market
    How Serverius transform into a trusted full service IT infrastructure partner with Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers and the Zinrai Deep Learning System (AIaaS).
  • PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN based on PRIMERGY RX2540 enables a fast deployment of a virtualized IT infrastructure at German dairy company Schwarzwaldmilch
    Bechtle implemented a VMware-optimized server and storage architecture based on FUJITSU PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN for Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH Freiburg.
  • Fujitsu AIOps guarantees a fast, efficient and automatic service management at Formwize, by automatically shifting from one cloud provider to another and reducing the amount and costs of service desk calls
    When Formwize’s cloud provider experienced a catastrophic failure, Fujitsu AIOps automatically and seamlessly shifted service to Amazon Web Services.
  • Environment Agency is able to send out flood warnings to citizens within 20 minutes, using multiple channels
    The Environment Agency chose Fujitsu to modernise its flood warning service, migrating it to the cloud and optimising it, saving money, while adding new features and flexibility
  • The new flexible and secure online platform enables SEB Private Banking to keep up with changing customer demands with minimal additional investment
    SEB turned to Fujitsu and Nvision to refresh its online platform. The result is a mobile-friendly, secure portal for nearly 3,000 users, based on the DigitalSphere approach.
  • Dublin City Council is now able to manage its assets with total real-time visibility
    Dublin City Council wanted a single platform to manage transportation assets. Fujitsu deployed Pitney Bowes Confirm® Solution, enabling real-time visibility of asset management.
  • Artificial Intelligence Solution helps Siemens Gamesa to accelerate inspection of turbine blades
    Siemens Gamesa partners with Fujitsu to co-create an Artificial Intelligence platform that can identify flaws during quality checks more quickly.
  • Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan counts on PRIMEQUEST 2800B2 server which supports business growth and business continuity
    Halyk Bank uses hardware from multiple vendors with x86 servers from three different vendors, including Fujitsu. Overall, the different vendors account for approximately the same share of hardware in the bank’s IT infrastructure. If each blade in the chassis is considered as a server, Halyk Bank has purchased some 400 servers during its cooperation with Fujitsu.
  • At Brazil’s National Treasury Secretariat, the new SICONFI software infrastructure makes handling of XBRL documents and exchange with subnational entities easier
    The National Treasury Secretariat implemented a tax information collection system that uses XBRL technology supplied by Fujitsu, to facilitate analysis and dissemination to the public.
  • Toyo Gosei gets financial business results by ten times faster with Microsoft Azure
    Improving performance and strengthening disaster response measures by migrating on premise SAP systems to Microsoft Azure.
  • Coop Market Norway entirely renews all IT Service Management processes with ServiceNow
    Coop Market Norway needed to update its IT Service Management solution. It opted for ServiceNow from Symfoni, a Fujitsu company, to save costs and increase efficiency.
  • The new Thin Client VDI infrastructure at King Fahad Medical City is more efficient, significantly cost-effective, and highly reliable
    Since its foundation in 2004, KFMC has relied on a traditional client-server model for its user devices. Over 1,000 fully-featured PCs were spread across the facility for use by doctors, nurses and administration. However, there were numerous risks and costs attached to managing and maintaining this estate.
  • Fraunhofer IVI
    "Wir haben uns bei der Vorbereitung des Projekts von Fujitsu und microstaxx am besten beraten und verstanden gefühlt."
  • GeoMon
    "Da die Berechnungen der Daten, die Drohnen aus der Befliegung liefern, teilweise mehr als zwölf Stunden laufen, sind Zuverlässigkeit und Stabilität der Systeme wichtig. Hier sind wir mit Fujitsu sehr gut aufgestellt."
  • MTU Aero Engines AG
    Für die MTU macht die Kombination aus gutem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis, Service und kompetenter technischer Beratung die Qualität der HPC-Lösungen von Fujitsu aus.
  • Evangelische Landeskirche in Württemberg
    "Unsere Landeskirche hat sich auf hohe ökologische und soziale Standards in der Beschaffung verpflichtet. Ebenso geht es uns um die Vermeidung von ausbeuterischer..."
  • Walser Privatbank
    "Hochverfügbarkeit, gute Performance und die einfache Administrierbarkeit waren Gründe, uns für Fujitsu zu entscheiden. Außerdem hat Fujitsu auch aus kaufmännischer Sicht das beste Angebot vorgelegt."
  • Honda Parts Manufacturing Corporation profits from new PRIMERGY and ETERNUS virtualized infrastructure
    HPMC had a traditional physical server infrastructure which was energy-intensive and took up lots of space. When this hardware approached end-of-life, the company decided to modernize its approach to IT and introduce a virtualized environment.
  • Qantas becomes more sustainable as a company with the aid of Fujitsu eWaste services
    Every year at Qantas, over 2,000 computing devices reach end of life and must either be fixed, upgraded or responsibly recycled. The company had also set itself a target in 2010 to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill by 30 per cent by 2020.
  • Linck Holzverarbeitungstechnik
    "Wir haben bei Fujitsu deutschsprachige Ansprechpartner vor Ort für Anfragen und Service. Das ist für uns ein entscheidendes Plus. Weitere sind ....."
  • Glycotope gains from fast and comprehensive deployment of SAP systems
    Biotechnology company Glycotope recently decided to professionalize its ERP processes by introducing SAP. Until this point, the SME had never had an integrated IT system. With Fujitsu’s help, Glycotope implemented a complete, standardized SAP environment within just four months, which it can now use to visualize and efficiently manage all of its business processes.
  • Verag Spedition
    "Fujitsu liefert eine performante Storage-Infrastruktur, die uns verlässlich vor Datenverlust schützt und dabei Enterprise-Funktionen zu Mittelstandskonditionen bietet."
    "Dank der performanten Hardware von Fujitsu können wir die Vorteile der schnellen SAP HANA-Technologie voll ausschöpfen."
  • Glycotope
    "Fujitsu vereint die Stärke, Internationalität und Zukunftssicherheit eines großen Unternehmens mit viel Verständnis für die Anforderungen des Mittelstands."
  • St Albans High School for Girls counts on PRIMERGY and ETERNUS for its virtual desktop infrastructure
    Working with long-term IT partner, Cutter, the school decided that Fujitsu provided the best price-performance ratio and deployed three servers to support the VDI, two for applications and one for disaster recovery.
  • Globus Gruppe
    "Ohne PRIMEFLEX hätten wir die Erweiterung unserer Infrastruktur nicht in dieser kurzen Zeit stemmen können."
  • Integrated System PRIMEFLEX vShape enables the digital Innovation Hub at City College Coventry
    The college joined Fujitsu’s Education Ambassador programme and together they designed an Innovation Hub centred on a Fujitsu vShape platform, which provides server, storage and virtualisation in one single box.
  • Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School teaches with Fujitsu tablets and education applications
    Satit CU is participating in the Fujitsu ‘Learning Project of Tomorrow’ where tablets and education applications are utilized for effective learning. In the project, eight subjects are taught and one learning development activity is also performed.
  • GEV deploys ETERNUS CS200C Powered by Commvault, gaining a fully integrated data protection appliance
    After performing an extensive evaluation of the systems available on the market, Grundeigentümer-Versicherung opted for the ETERNUS CS200c backup appliance from Fujitsu. This was mainly due to the high degree of integration in the system, which combines hardware and software.
  • Bundesagentur für Arbeit
    "Wir haben uns in erster Linie aufgrund der Energieeffizienz, die wir im Rahmen unserer Green-IT-Strategie anstreben, für den Einsatz von ESPRIMO Q920 Mini-PCs statt Desktops entschieden. Wichtig waren außerdem ....."
  • Grundeigentümer Versicherung VVaG
    Einführung eines Systems zur Sicherung und Wiederherstellung.
  • PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes enables Nakilat a flexible and cost-efficient SAP HANA operation
    In the past, Nakilat operated multiple servers with six storage devices dispersed across its three main lines of business. The organization had an interest in implementing a consolidated IT environment that would unify the company, reduce operational demands and make Nakilat SAP HANA® equipped.
  • Wertkarten
    Mit dem Kernprodukt paysafecard ist das Unternehmen inzwischen in 42 Ländern bei über 500.000 Verkaufsstellen weltweit präsent.
    "Die Lieferung erfolgte sehr schnell. Unser PRIMEFLEX® für HPC-Cluster wurde von Fujitsu innerhalb weniger Wochen geliefert."                            
  • VBH - Cloud Services
    Fujitsu betreibt als Cloud nun Server-, Storage- und Security-Systeme sowie das Backup von VBH. So spart das Unternehmen im Vergleich zum Eigenbetrieb 25 Prozent Kosten und hat eine flexibel mitwachsende Lösung, die sich leicht auf weltweite Standorte ausrollen lässt.
  • GISA
    Die GISA GmbH ist ein Kompetenzzentrum für SAP-Anwendungen für Energieversorger und kommunale Einrichtungen.
  • Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik
    Das Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik GmbH (HPI) an der Universität Potsdam bietet als einziges Universitäts-Institut in Deutschland den Bachelor- und Master-Studiengang „IT-Systems Engineering“ an.
  • Automatic provisioning of SAP HANA Systems running on ETERNUS DX and PRIMERGY
    Fujitsu has developed and implemented a high-performance infrastructure for SAP HANA systems at Siemens AG Global Services Information Technology (GS IT), based on ETERNUS DX storage solutions.
  • Egon Großhaus
    Bei GROSSHAUS werden seit nun mehr 80 Jahren technisch und qualitativ hochwertige Komponenten für die unterschiedlichsten Branchen hergestellt.
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia operates on-line solution to simplify application, approval and payment of claims
    The Guild selected the Fujitsu Grants Manager online portal, combined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with help desk expertise and ongoing support.
  • Belltech cooperates with Fujitsu to establish PoS Solutions as GlobalSTORE and StoreCenter in Chile
    Belltech now offers Fujitsu’s Retail Suite, comprising Fujitsu GlobalSTORE and Fujitsu StoreCENTER, as well as Fujitsu EPOS
  • DEPFA build an entire IT Infrastructure from scratch with Fujitsu IT Products and Managed Infrastructure Services
    With the prospect of separation from its parent company, as mandated by the German government, DEPFA needed to build its own IT operating platform from scratch, covering all infrastructure aspects, data centre, telephony, networks and application support and development functions to support banking applications for trading and payments.
  • Caplaser offers high quality Cloud services with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX vShape
    Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX vShape all-in-one solution integrating servers, storage, network and virtualization software was designed to respond to the challenges of virtualization.
  • BUWOG Group outsources its entire IT infrastructure to Fujitsu
    The company needed to outsource all of its IT operations within five months, whilst ensuring that its 700 employees could continue to work without interruption. BUWOG also needed to integrate a second IT landscape into the project following its acquisition of Prelios.
  • Fashion's Park chooses Fujitsu Retail Suite
    Fashion’s Park relied on an aging UnixWare platform that was not compatible with new technology and EPOS systems. It wanted to find a modern retail software solution that would increase store efficiency, improve the customer experience and enable future growth.
  • First Citizens Bank trusts in Cloud Services by Fujitsu
    The First Citizens Group is one of the leading financial services groups in Trinidad & Tobago, offering a full range of retail, corporate and merchant banking services as well as asset management, trustee and brokerage services. IT migrated 20 applications to the Fujitsu Cloud platform, hosted in its Tier 3 data center in Barataria. This delivers optimal uptime, secure performance and allows First Citizens to quickly provision new services.
  • First Citizens Bank streamlines with Project Management services from Fujitsu
    Faced with an unreliable data center whose lease had nearly expired, First Citizens Bank Investment Services wanted to find a new platform to support its business critical banking applications. It needed a partner with both the IT expertise and the project management capability to handle the task.
  • BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH uses Fujitsu Read-to-Go Plus
    BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of transformers, power supplies and electrical filters and has been a strong partner to industry and small trade businesses in the winding materials sector for many decades
  • KSPG AG Chooses Fujitsu HPC Solution
    KSPG AG is the holding company of the Rheinmetall Group’s automotive division. A global automotive supplier, KSPG’s expertise in air supplies, emission reductions and pumps, as well as the development, production and provision of replacement parts for pistons, engine blocks and friction bearings, means that it enjoys leading positions in the relevant markets.
  • Cloud and Disaster Recovery solution for Jamaica Public Service
    Following a comprehensive tender process, JPS asked Fujitsu to create an Infrastructure as a Service solution with servers and storage hosted in two separate locations on the island. The deployment and configuration took just ten weeks.