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Suporte a Produtos de Plataforma

Servidores, Storages (Sistemas de Armazenamento), Recicladores de Nota e Palm Secure®

A Fujitsu oferece suporte técnico on-line para servidores baseados em Intel (PRIMERGY), servidores de Missão Crítica (PRIMEQUEST), armazenamento ETERNUS, switches e recicladores de notas.

Este suporte inclui drivers para download, FAQs, especificações, configurações de jumper / switch, configurações do BIOS, manuais e detalhes de garantia.

Entre em contato pelo e-mail:

Atendemos 24 horas, todos os dias do ano.


Equipamentos em Garantia

Caso seu equipamento esteja dentro da garantia, você poderá utilizar nosso Sistema de Abertura de Chamados para Plataforma (Web Portal) pelo endereço:


Notas sobre as vulnerabilidades de canal paralelo de execução especulativa (Meltdown / Spectre)

square Meltdown/Spectre - customer guidance

In early January a team of security researchers revealed new vulnerabilities that take advantage of techniques commonly used in many modern processor architectures. Collectively known as Meltdown and Spectre, these vulnerabilities utilize a new method of side-channel analysis and could allow an unprivileged local attacker, in specific circumstances, to read privileged memory belonging to other processes or memory allocated to the operating system kernel. These vulnerabilities have an industry-wide impact and have since been highly publicized in the media and generated customer inquiries. 

We would like to reassure you that Fujitsu is addressing this issue with high priority. A Fujitsu support webpage is now publicly available with the information currently available about the vulnerabilities, affected Fujitsu products and estimated availability of patches and updates for BIOS provided by Fujitsu and other vendors. 

For products supported in South America region, please access: