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Data Centre Optimisation Services

State of the Art Sustainable Data Centres

Having reliable and high performance computing power is a crucial aspect of running your business effectively and competitively. It is also highly energy intensive.

As the digital age grows and is evolving at unprecedented rates, one of the biggest environmental challenges facing ICT is the rapidly increasing quantities of electricity required to power and cool data centres. In order to power our growing technological demands, between 2007 and 2011 the amount of energy use in data centres globally doubled from 12GW (gigawatts) to 24GW and in 2012 alone increased to 38GW*.

At Fujitsu we believe it is crucial our increasing power requirements are met but not at the cost of our environment.

Reduced power, efficient cooling, greater utilisation, meticulous measurement

When it comes to data storage, we’ve placed the environment at the forefront of all of Fujitsu’s business decisions and operations. We’ve also invested heavily in building and refurbishing data centres to meet our environmental goals.

We’ve designed our data centres using a stringent set of environmental principles and as a consequence they are among the most energy efficient in the world. All our major data centres are certified to NABERS Energy for data centres rating, which provides a way for data centre energy efficiency to be externally validated against a standard by an independent government assessor. NABERS have assessed that Fujitsu’s centres are achieving an efficiency of 27% higher than market average. This equates to an estimated 27 GigaWatt hours of electricity savings per year and over 24,000,000 kilograms of carbon emissions.

“Fujitsu have been strong supporters of the NABERS Energy for data centres tool since its inception. This achievement is another significant statement that marks them as leaders in this industry. All digital companies should be looking to follow Fujitsu's lead if we're to reach our national sustainability targets.”

- Tom Grosskopf, Director of the Metro Branch at the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

NABERS for Data Centres

Fujitsu and our customer Australia Post explain why we value NABERS Energy for data centre ratings.

NABERS2020Fujitsu has 2020 targets to achieve a 4.5 Stars or greater NABERS energy rating and also a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.5 - an energy efficiency rating well above global industry average.

What’s more, we report all greenhouse gas emissions produced by our Australian data centre network to the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System (NGERS) for external scrutiny.

Testament of our impressive environmental achievements, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand has been awarded two leading awards in the 2013-2014 Longhaus Australian Data Centre Providers Pulse report. The Peak Vendor Award for the most comprehensive data centre offering and the Green Star Award for market leading sustainability practices.

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