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Portfolio Management

Organisations today are being presented with more and more options for technology-enabled change and growth. Only resources and capability to execute limit the possibilities. At the same time, decision-makers face the daunting task of removing additional layers of cost from their organisations without sacrificing their ability to compete and deliver services effectively. The management challenge is to pick the winners from this myriad of infinite possibilities.

Fujitsu's Portfolio Management services are based upon an integrated set of business processes that systematically identify, select, align and manage value from investments. Portfolio Management empowers senior decision makers by giving them a clear view of the value of their existing and proposed IT and business change investments and enables them to make the best investment choices.

Beyond evaluating the financial return of investments, Fujitsu assesses risk and alignment with the overall business strategy and key drivers, ensuring decision-makers understand the full value of investments.

Comprehensive enterprise solution

Our Portfolio Management solution offers senior decision makers a complete enterprise solution that leverages an integrated set of best practices and best-of-breed analysis tools that allow for the:

  • Selection of investments that have the greatest potential
  • Effective program planning and execution, to return the greatest possible value to the business while managing and minimising risk
  • Ongoing governance and active management of the portfolio to ensure the promised value is delivered.

The value of Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management has a clear and compelling value proposition. Independent research, analyst reports and our own experience have established the following key benefits. Portfolio Management can:

  • Provide information to make better decisions
  • Align actions to strategy
  • Increase success on strategic initiatives
  • Decrease risk
  • Manage workload
  • Decrease time to delivery
  • Decrease costs
  • Increase value delivered

Getting started in Portfolio Management

Based on Fujitsu's extensive experience and expertise in this field, we can offer a "Getting Started with Portfolio Management" service to help clients quickly get on the road to success.

Over the space of a few weeks, we take your organisation through the key processes of Portfolio Management:

  • Creating an Inventory of your Portfolio
  • Applying categorisation to understand the different kinds of initiative in the portfolio
  • Applying evaluation criteria which enable reliable selection of high value/low risk initiatives
  • Creating a visualisation of the Portfolio which supports executive decision making.

At the end of the process we locate your organisation on our Portfolio Management Capability/Maturity curve and discuss with you the Capability/Maturity level you should target and develop with you a "roadmap" of how you can get there in a realistic timeframe.

Global reach, industry-leading experience

At Fujitsu, your business value is our passion.

Fujitsu is the only company that has years of experience and expertise in Portfolio Management. Our award-winning Macroscope methodologies and history of success with clients in numerous industries around the globe ensure you will maximise your business value. Our partnership with ProSight, experts and industry leaders in portfolio management software, accelerates the value of Portfolio Management.

ProSight Portfolios' strengths are highlighted in the The METAspectrum, the META Group's report on the enterprise portfolio analysis tool. META in a separate report assert that "IT Portfolio Management is the cornerstone process for maintaining dynamic alignment between business and the IT organisation. Managing IT from an investment perspective - with a continuing focus on value, risk, cost and benefits - has helped businesses reduce IT costs by up to 30 per cent, with a 2x-3x increase in value." (META Group White Paper - The Business of IT Portfolio Management: Balancing Risk, Innovation, and ROI January 2002).

Five critical questions

  1. Are our investments aligned with our key business objectives?
  2. Are we finding the most efficient ways to realise our strategic goals?
  3. Do we have the right balance of investments across our portfolio?
  4. Are we realising the predicted benefits of our efforts?
  5. Are we regularly saying 'No' and 'Stop'?

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