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Enterprise Value Management

If you're not asking our five critical questions about your organisation, someone else probably is. Organisations must demonstrate that they understand how to do more than talk about added value.

Most companies have strategies capable of delivering value. But it's not just about having strategies. It's about being able to quickly translate those strategies into meaningful action. It's about being able to act with certainty in uncertain times. Results count. The challenges have never been greater. Organisations must balance the need for short-term results with protecting their longer term investments - tomorrow's results. Easy to say and not so easy to actually do. Yet it's essential. The market is increasingly rewarding those who create value and punishing those who do not.

Even public sector organisations are discovering that their "investor" wants more and more clarity about the way that they deliver value.

As one of our clients said, "It's time to stop admiring the problem and time to focus on solutions." Focusing on and developing practical solutions is precisely what Enterprise Value Management (EVM) is about.

EVM is built on the evolution of Benefits Realisation

The EVM framework addresses client challenges on three levels:

  • Strategy - understanding the sources of value within your organisation
  • Planning - defining the programs of business change that will deliver value
  • Managing - managing the realisation of value, including Portfolio Management and Strategic Governance

The value of EVM

Fujitsu's EVM solutions enable organisations to:

  • Take strategy to meaningful action - faster!
  • Understand what's important and how it adds value - even so called "intangibles"
  • Focus only what is important - freeing up resources and reducing costs
  • Develop comprehensive programs of business change (inclusive of the enabling IT) that include realistic assessments of "what it takes" to get results
  • Reduce the risk of failure
  • Break change into manageable "chunks" that increase the ability of the organisation to absorb change
  • Deliver measurable value faster
  • Deal confidently with uncertainty

Fujitsu is the leader in Enterprise Value Management

Fujitsu's Enterprise Value Management is the industry's most comprehensive suite of services designed to help organisations maximise and measure the value of their IT and business change investments.Our EVM framework is structured, yet flexible, and designed to unlock the full value potential of your organisation's assets and programs of change.

Five critical questions

  1. How can I reduce the risk of my investment strategies failing?
  2. It's easy to say what we have to spend more money on. What can I spend LESS money on?
  3. How can I get more value out of what I have in my organisation?
  4. How can I make the cuts I need to make without damaging our long-term performance?
  5. How can I make sure my whole management team understands and can deliver on our strategic direction?

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