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Project Management

Professional Project/Program Management has always been important. It is particularly critical under today's competitive conditions. Rapidly evolving technologies and fierce competition are forcing businesses to react quickly. These changes in the global competitive environment have also increased demands for superior quality, lower cost and faster completion of projects. To achieve a strategic advantage, businesses are initiating critical projects with an imperative to achieve the expected results within approved budgets.

Project/Program Management capabilities offered by Fujitsu are based on proven methods and tools delivered by experienced and skilled practitioners. In practice, they exercise control over IT-enabled investments in ways that minimise risk, improve quality, and deliver the agreed capability to the business.

For every assignment, we assemble the best combination of experience, skills and tools required to manage and deliver results and benefits.

Our capabilities and offerings include:

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • PMO implementation
  • Project recovery
  • Project audits and assessments
  • Value Proposition.

Fujitsu's Project/Program Management capability can significantly improve the contribution of the IT function to the economic performance of the enterprise and strengthen IT's credibility. For IT managers who must do more with less to estimate and deliver projects reliably, Fujitsu develops people and organisational capabilities that help transform client teams into effective, credible IT organisations.

A full range of capability is available from recovery to audits and assessments including execution and control of projects and programs by skilled and experienced practitioners.

Five critical questions

  1. How do I keep costs down?
  2. How do I eliminate redundancy?
  3. How do I ensure cross-functional alignment?
  4. How can I better understand the impact of change?
  5. How can I leverage my existing investments in information and IT?

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