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Technology Consulting

More than ever before, success in business depends on successful IT use. E-Commerce and e-Business solutions, properly planned and implemented, extend the reach of the enterprise to customers, business partners, and suppliers - forming the extended enterprises of the 21st Century. Internet and intranet solutions provide the information and applications people need to perform their jobs more proficiently. Business intelligence solutions supercharge marketing and allow executives to make more informed decisions. And well-integrated enterprise applications allow new, more efficient business processes.

Delivering these solutions requires Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT Managers to take on expanded, high-profile roles. As stewards of the new distributed data centre, their decisions directly affect sales and marketing, business development, procurement, employee efficiency, and even the CEO's ability to manage the company. Accordingly, they are under constant pressure to always make right decisions - because wrong decisions, or no decisions, will show up very quickly on the bottom line.

Fujitsu IT solutions

Fujitsu helps CIOs and IT Managers make the right decisions consistently, throughout each phase of the IT life cycle. Fujitsu's IT consulting spans all forms of IT services from strategic direction-setting to support and maintenance. We offer the expertise and resources to:

  • Select and implement the right technology strategy
  • Develop architectures based on new e-Enabling technologies and integrating solution building blocks into powerful business solutions
  • Change directions in response to new technologies
  • Support application development, component reuse and package implementations
  • Deliver services to your customers consistently, efficiently and effectively
  • Supplement your in-house capabilities with hard-to-find technology competencies.

Your IT will become more cohesive, well-managed, and effective, and you will take full advantage of technology-driven opportunities as they arise. Our business is to help you deliver complete business solutions.

Technology consulting offerings to support integration and enterprise extension

Fujitsu's business solution framework is based on our extended enterprise model. This model represents the major business components within an enterprise.

Technology consulting services wrapped around this model support organisations in a range of challenges, from developing the IT vision and strategy to technology infrastructure support and maintenance.

Delivery of all technology consulting services is supported by Macroscope, an integrated suite of business and IT methods to initiate, implement, and manage change in your organisation.

With Fujitsu Technology Consulting Services, you will:

  • Reach out to a wider market
  • Provide improved access to customers
  • Strengthen internal processes
  • Make more informed and responsive decisions.

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