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Business Intelligence

The ability to make fast, reliable decisions based on accurate and usable information is essential to most business enterprises. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions aim at achieving critical business advantage by providing knowledge workers with easy access to the right information, on demand, from wherever it is created and/or maintained within the organisation. With the right strategy, an organisation can transform data from various disparate sources into a usable format that can provide timely knowledge of business-critical information, including customer relations, markets, suppliers, emerging trends, and internal operations.

BI and data warehousing techniques are key enablers of e-business strategies as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs. They integrate data and customer information across business functions, customer interaction channels, and with your partners and customers.

Fujitsu delivers integrated solutions that empower knowledge workers to access data from existing production databases and applications across the enterprise - anywhere it is held in the organisation - using the power of advanced data warehousing and decision support solutions and services. We understand that building an effective BI solution involves a considerable amount of effort to ensure usability and value for the business enterprise. Every enterprise has unique data requirements for the type and format of information it needs.


Our solution framework provides a roadmap to leverage value-added specialised solutions that minimize project time frames while addressing critical business needs through defined solutions. Our BI experts employ tools and technologies that enable knowledge workers to analyse the information contained within the enterprise to achieve results and Return On Investment (ROI).

The types of tools and technologies we employ include ad hoc query, report writing, decision support systems (DSSs), executive information systems (EISs) and, often, techniques such as statistical analysis, online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining.

What we offer

Our BI service provides an end-to-end BI solution, from planning through to implementation and deployment. Services range from strategic to tactical and operational initiatives, and include:

  • Executive Workshop
  • Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Assessments
  • Discovery
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Proof of Concept
  • Solution Builder
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Data Migration
  • BI Organiser
  • BI Sustainment
  • Benefits Monitoring

BI in a nutshell

We can also provide you with focused support during a specific stage or stages of a BI initiative. Fujitsu deliver comprehensive BI solutions to support you throughout your BI initiative lifecycle. Strategic service offerings serve to develop a framework and plan for the implementation of BI in the organisation.

Tactical service offerings range from assessing the success of existing undertakings that may not be achieving anticipated returns to offerings that assist in all phases of the delivery of BI solutions. These can be the development of custom solutions or the implementation of predefined BI solutions or frameworks. The operational services assist you in the management of the BI solution and ensure ongoing value to the organisation.

Fujitsu can engage you in any stage of the lifecycle through our service offerings, and can provide a roadmap for success in your BI initiatives.

Bottom line

By implementing Fujitsu's Business Intelligence solutions, you transform operational information into meaningful, timely knowledge about customers, suppliers, internal operations, and markets. Your knowledge workers gain easy access to the information they need to make fast, high-quality decisions.

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