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Customer Relationship Management

Since its genesis in the 1990s, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has had a chequered history. There have been major successes, but also some well-documented failures. Usually, these failures were the result of enterprises failing to set critical, corporate-level objectives for CRM initiatives to create a customer asset base. Many also failed to develop a unifying strategy to build up vital new business skills. Instead, CRM was implemented in a piecemeal and uncoordinated fashion. As a result, many enterprises failed to realise the promise of CRM, as their CRM strategy or technology solution did not align with corporate strategy.

CRM has now grown up. No longer limited to the front office, it encompasses your entire value chain from customers to trading partners. It is about business processes and all the touch-points within the organisation. For the most successful organisations, it is a business philosophy.

Profound changes in world economies - notably, the increasing trend toward globalisation, virtualisation and transparency - demand that enterprises become more skilled at managing customers, employees, partners, suppliers and investors. Your enterprise's relationships are, after all, its most valuable assets.

We define CRM as a strategic business initiative aimed at maximising customer profitability through an enterprise-wide business model.

Technology alone will not ensure success. To deliver on your business strategy and achieve your vision, a skilled and experienced systems integration partner is essential.

Fujitsu is renowned for its high-quality, innovative products – from notebook computers to enterprise storage solutions. We apply the same company ethos that has made us a leader in so many fields to our CRM methodologies and practices.

As a global systems integrator and a thought leader in the world of CRM we have combined our expertise and selected third-party CRM products and partners to offer a CRM portfolio that is cost-effective and flexible enough to meet your emerging business needs.