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Fujitsu Service Portfolio

Fujitsu consults, designs, builds and operates solutions for its customers. These services can be applied to a project as a whole or selected individually to assist within larger projects. The Microsoft Solutions Group is focused on the consult and design phases of a project, and calls in specialised areas for the build and operate phases.

We offer services for all stages of the solution life cycle. Our integrated approach ensures we explore potential opportunities and identify and manage risk.

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Rapid economic justification service

This service helps an organisation analyse and optimise the economic performance of IT investments and facilitate resourcing and capital investment for IT projects. The Microsoft Solutions Group uses the Microsoft Rapid Economic Justification (REJ) model to help develop a compelling business case. Faster than traditional methods, the REJ process lends itself especially well to scenario planning by establishing benchmarks to identify which IT investments make the most sense for a particular customer.

Strategy consulting service

Technology strategy consulting helps organisations plan effective architectures and identify ways that technology can create competitive advantage. A senior-level enterprise-experienced consultant coordinates and delivers a tailored suite of Microsoft related activities, including strategic IT planning, Total Cost of Ownership recommendations and organisational improvement for IT.

Technology assessment service

Assessment and review services provide in-depth evaluation of business requirements, plans, architectures, and designs of operational systems and environments. This enables organisations to identify and mitigate risk and accelerate the return on investment in the early stages of IT projects, as well as to ensure optimal systems performance.

Services are provided by on-site consultants and typically last from a few days to a few weeks.

Planning, architecture and design services

Delivering next generation applications, infrastructure and business solutions is a highly complex undertaking. Successful delivery depends on clear and careful early planning, architecture and design.

Based on a proven approach, our services ensure that all tasks are identified, reviewed and documented.

We deliver architecture and design documents and a complete project plan, including vision, scope and outline of key phases, milestones, resource requirements, major dependencies and risks. Services are provided by on-site consultants and typically last from a few days to eight weeks.

Proof of concept service

Proof of concept services deliver a prototype for a particular solution or pilot project. They are aimed at identifying issues, making components work together, demonstrating concepts, reducing risk and gaining approval prior to the development or deployment of your IT solution. These activities can be carried out on site or within the Fujitsu Microsoft Solution Centre.

Business accelerated solutions

Business accelerated solutions are a combination of packaged products and services that you can use to accelerate your IT project. The package includes proven standard enterprise architectural designs, templates, examples as well as recommendations for hardware and software.

The Microsoft Solutions Group also offers customised services and will structure an engagement tailored to your needs based on what will make the most impact to your business. These short term or long term engagements have included workshops, skills transfer, brainstorming, troubleshooting and strategic advice and guidance.

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