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ETERNUS Disk Storage System - Features

This page provides an overview of the main features supported by the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX series. It highlights their benefits and briefly describes each feature.
Supported products are shown on each feature page.
The white paper below also provides their features and benefits.

ETERNUS DX Features - Safety

High-speed replication

Advanced Copy functions Online high-speed backup
Advanced Copy EC Function to maintain a synchronised copy of operation volumes
Advanced Copy OPC Function to create a operation volume copy at any specific time
Advanced Copy QuickOPC Function to create an initial operation volume copy and then only copy subsequent updated data
Advanced Copy SnapOPC, SnapOPC+ Function to create a operational copy of data items before they are updated.
Fast Recovery This function recovers data quickly by relocating the data in a failed drive to other drives quickly when a drive error occurs.
Online high-speed backup/recovery for GlobalServer environments Backup for GlobalServer environment using the Advanced Copy function
Cooperative database data protection Backup using DB and the Advanced Copy function
Smart backup operation with VSS Backup using VSS and the Advanced Copy function
Nearline disk drives The ideal media for archiving and Disk to Disk backup

Disaster recovery

Remote Copy using Fibre Channel Interface Disaster Recovery by Remote Location Backup
Remote Copy using iSCSI Interface Disaster Recovery by Remote Location Backup
Remote Copy Disk Buffered REC over Low bandwidth Networks Remote Copy Disk Buffered REC over Low bandwidth Networks

Non-stop operation

Component redundancy and hot swap ETERNUS disk storage systems have full redundant configuration and hot-maintenance capability.
Reverse Cabling Increasing storage system availability
Storage Cluster The Storage Cluster function enables operations to continue even if one storage system fails by switching to other storage systems.
Advanced RAID for assured data access even during a disk failure In ETERNUS disk storage systems, each member disk drive of a RAID group is located in a different Drive Enclosure.
ETERNUS Multipath Driver Path failover
PRIMECLUSTER Inter-unit mirroring for even higher storage availability
PRIMECLUSTER Cluster system support
Cyclic CM Non-stop operation with multiple controllers
I/O RAS Failure effect minimisation by component isolation in GlobalServer environments
DVCF and File Duplication Controller GlobalServer volume duplication between disk storage systems
VRMGR GlobalServer volume copy during operation
Hot Standby Prevention of operational halts caused by hardware problems on a GlobalServer

Data Integrity

Data Block Guard Data block check codes for improved data integrity
DB (Data Base) Data Guard Improved data reliability combined with Oracle DB
Disk drive patrol Disk drives and data integrity checking
Cache Protector

Cache data protection during power failures

Redundant Copy Preventive exchange while maintaining redundancy
Copy-back and copy-back-less operation Data recovery and redundancy restore
Global Hot Spare Efficient management of hot spare disk drives between different RAID groups
Dedicated Hot Spare Hot spare disk use dedicated to a specific RAID group


Host Affinity Disk access settings for each host interface adopter
Data Encryption Data Encryption in the disk storage systems
ETERNUS SF KM Encryption key life cycle management software
Robust security using SSL / SSH Encrypted transmission of information over a network

ETERNUS DX Feature - Performance

Solid State Drives (SSD) Low-power, highly reliable and high performance drives
RAID Technologies that improve performance and avoid data loss caused by disk failure: RAID0, 1, 1+0, 5, 5+0, 6
Quality of Service (QoS) Maintaining service levels of high-priority tasks
Quality of Service Automation Automated resource management according to business priorities
Extreme Cache Extreme Cache (SSD cache built in a controller) significantly increases the read cache capacity.
Extreme Cache Pool The Extreme Cache Pool function uses SSDs as the secondary cache to improve the read access performance.
I/O offloading Improve the maximum random access performance
Bind-in-Cache Accelerated I/O access for GlobalServer environment
Work Volume Load Sharing Efficient disk utilisation for GlobalServer environment
High Speed Search function Reduced overheads between GlobalServer CPU and disk storage systems

ETERNUS DX Feature - Efficiency


Thin Provisioning Storage capacity virtualisation


Automated Tiering Investment optimisation in combination with ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser software

Energy saving

Eco-mode Stopping the rotation of low accessed disk drives

Environmental Friendly

Regulatory compliant / Lead-free solders ETERNUS is compliant with the RoHS directive, adopted by the European Union that restricts the use of specific hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, including lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, cadmium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE). The solder used on all printed circuit boards is also lead-free.


Logical Device Expansion Non-stop RAID group capacity expansion
LUN Expansion Non-stop LUN capacity expansion
RAID Migration Non-stop LUN migration to different RAID groups
LUN Concatenation LUN consolidation between different RAID groups
Different disk drives in the same drive enclosure Efficient space management
High Density drive enclosure High density drive enclosure for large capacity usage

Unified SAN and NAS

Unified SAN and NAS Storage for SAN/NAS unified environment - ETERNUS DX S3


Easy setup, management and administration through GUI /CLI Setup, management and administration of storage
ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser Integrated management software for ETERNUS
ETERNUS SF Express Software for simplified installation/operation management of DX60 S3/DX100 S3/DX200 S3
ETERNUS SF MA Measurement and analysis software for performance and capacity
ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor Real-time storage space visualization that enalbes stable infrastructure operation
PRIMECLUSTER File sharing between UNIX servers

ETERNUS DX Feature - Compatibility

Different disk drives in the same drive enclosure Efficient space management
VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration) Performance Improvement in virtualised server environments
VMware® Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Data protection solutions