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Fujitsu Graduate Program

The Fujitsu Oceania Graduate Program is well recognised across the entire company with support from the Executive Leadership Team. The Graduate Program was initiated in 2010 to enable Fujitsu to invest in developing the next generation of Australia and New Zealand’s talented professionals.

Fujitsu: a Place to Develop

We don’t expect Graduates to have all the answers up front. Fujitsu offers a structured program, supporting graduates to develop the necessary skills required for a successful career in business. Over the course of 12 months graduates will;

  • Gain an understanding of the way in which Fujitsu works, both in terms of business structure and company culture
  • Build a solid foundation of skills, knowledge and experience as they start their careers; and
  • Achieve their full potential in the business with the support of Managers and Mentors within the business.

To accomplish this, Graduates undertake a comprehensive streamlined development program using a combination of practical exercises, training and on
the job experience. 


Graduate Alumni
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