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Fujitsu IT Strategy and Effectiveness

Turn the business on

Fujitsu IT consulting services

Fujitsu XpressWay is a cost-effective output-focused IT business consultancy service which offers your organisation a new way to get more out of IT. We blend together business and technical capabilities, to deliver the outcomes you need to improve agility and exploit new market opportunities.

Our Business consulting services are provided by a team of experts who develop individually tailored strategies to deliver:

  • fast, outcome-focused implementations that can rapidly address your business needs
  • greater value for money with new capabilities implemented in weeks and not months
  • simplified engagement with a flexible and innovative services procurement model
  • reduced risk through small, modular implementations
With XpressWay we confirm project timings and costs from the outset. You know exactly what to expect, when it will happen and how much you will pay from the start, there are no unpleasant financial surprises.

XpressWay – pay for what you use business consulting

XpressWay is a four stage process; Discover – Prove – Apply – Evolve. Each stage is made up of individually priced XpressBlocks which have clearly defined outcomes, this means you need only choose the components that address your most pressing business needs. You are free to join or leave at any stage in the process, and will only pay for what you have used. 

Our business consultancy service has helped organisations across all sectors, from retail to government, to overcome the business and technology challenges they have encountered in optimising IT performance.

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XpressWay – delivering the business outcomes you need

Whatever stage you are currently at in your business transformation journey, we have the capability, experience and expertise to help you achieve your goal. We devise and implement the solutions you need to allow you to overcome your organisational roadblocks.

We have a proven track record of devising and implementing strategies to increase productivity, improve agility, enhance security and align digital goals with business needs.

Customer outcomes

Hybrid IT for legacy modernisation . For a major UK retailer, we developed a hybrid IT solution to modernise legacy systems and migrate services to a private cloud platform. Our solution significantly reduced IT costs whilst improving service levels.

Increased workplace productivity. We developed a strategy to enable a government department to improve its citizen service and meet its targets. Our team of experts came up with a solution to improve the services offered through flexible and mobile working.

Identifying fraud and operational errors. For another government department, handling high volumes of applications and requests, we developed a solution to identify fraud and operational errors. The implementation of our strategy resulted in the department making cost savings of around £20 billion.

Digital enablement. We developed and implemented a strategy to streamline the digital operations of an on-line content agency working within fashion and retail. Our solution enabled the agency to grow and develop to remain ahead within a highly competitive market.

Find out more about how our IT consulting service XpressWay can help your organisation to achieve the business outcomes it needs to keep ahead of market competition