Fleet Optimization

Fleet optimization services that support solving various problems in the last one mile

Our Future Vision

Fujitsu has pursued more prosperous and sustainable transportation society by solving social issues such as reduction of CO2 emissions and logistics crises, realizing safe and convenient mobility means through the innovation. Step towards the future of sustainable society, Fujitsu agreed to embark on global strategic cooperation with Autofleet, a world-leading fleet optimization service provider with more precising fleet matching technology, to develop new solutions for social issue.


Fujitsu's Globally applicable and comprehensive qualified service combining with Autofleet's advanced optimization engine for demand prediction,
automated management of maintenance/servicing tasks and optimized dispatching/routing.


Dynamic matching and optimized routing
by configuring KPIs

Optimized fleet placement
based on demand prediction

Automated fleet management
and maintenance planning

Simulating the entire operation
without a single vehicle on the road

Dynamic routing and navigation
according to traffic conditions

Use Cases


Maximize vehicle utilization

Supporting optimized vehicle placement based on demand prediction in the rental car industry, etc.

New mobility service

Optimized matching of modal needs and vehicles
in ride hailing.

Reduction of cost/CO2 emission

Installation effective simulation
of EV fleet/ EV stations.


Decrease in delivery time

Optimized routing and delivery support
in the last one mile.

Effective use of empty vehicle

Dynamic vehicle dispatching
in urgent delivery and reverse logistics.

Securing delivery resources

Matching and delivery support
in crowdsourced delivery.