MWC Barcelona 2023 Document download

At MWC Barcelona 2023, the world's largest mobile industry trade show, Fujitsu will showcase how innovative open network technologies and secure network solutions are creating new possibilities for a more sustainable world. The following documents are insight papers about the Corporate Metaverse and Transformative Enterprise 5G and can be downloaded from this page. We hope these provide useful insights for your sustainability initiatives.

Corporate Metaverse - Can it help to prepare for an AI-based digital future?

The Metaverse can help to engage the world’s most powerful technology engines, develop AI-empowered digital twins, and prepare for emerging “machine customers.”

  1. The Metaverse as an interface to a digital world at an inflection point
  2. Innovating in virtual worlds with cocreation and digital twins
  3. Preparing for AI customers with Web 3.0 and digital money

Transformative Enterprise 5G: To Become an Attractive Enabler for DX

~Three Proposals for CxOs Taking on the Challenge of Enterprise 5G~

Transformative Enterprise 5G:To Become an Attractive Enabler for DX
  1. Expansion of IoT connections and evolution of 5G technology
  2. Expectations for enterprise 5G as a digital infrastructure that supports the evolution of DX
  3. Enterprise 5G Deployment Models Are Diverse and Evolving
  4. Enterprise 5G Adoption Still in Early Stage, Challenges to Scaling Up
  5. Three proposals for the spread of enterprise 5G