fit Actuator

fit Actuator

FIT's unique technology is characterized by its high speed operation and high impact force in electromagnetic systems.
The actuator can be operated using only a simple control method, and highly accurate operation is realized in all environments such as low temperature and high temperature.
We will contribute to development in a wide variety of fields by responding to various customisations according to customer requests.

Principle of Operation of fit Actuator and Example of Customization

The armature is attracted by electromagnetic force generated by coil energization, with the center of rotation as a fulcrum.
When the product is in the OFF state, the operation pin is pushed to the predetermined position by the restoring force of the spring
(4.0 kHz high speed operation: 4,000 cycles/sec)
Speed of reciprocating motion pin is customized according to your request.

In addition to the operating speed, change of the diameter and material of the operating pin, long stroke over 3.0 mm, high impact force over 30 N (striking power)
You can customize the fit Actuator.

Module mounting area and mounting example of the fit Actuator

Depending on your usage conditions, we can customize the best fit Actuator to meet your other needs.
For more information on fit Actuators, please see the FAQ list below.

fit Actuator frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • 1.  Driving frequency
    2.  Driving Voltage and Current
    3.  Stroke Time
    4.  Control stroke amount
    5.  Stroke precision (between motion pins)
    6.  Stroke accuracy (repeat operation)
    7.  Impact force
    8.  Flight time Control
    9.  Tip wear of the motion pin
  • 10.  Material of the Motion pin
    11.  Motion pin shape
    12.  Motion pin length
    13.  Motion pin diameter
    14.  Module mounting area
    15.  Weight
    16.  Size
    17.  Ambient operating temperature
    18.  Heat Generation and Heat Dissipation

You can find more information about these details here.


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