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UNIX Server SPARC Enterprise M3000

SPARC Enterprise M3000 SPARC Enterprise M3000 overview

SPARC Enterprise M3000

This thin (2U) server has the high performance and high efficiency that means excellent cost performance improvements and reduced life-cycle costs.

  • The quad core SPARC64™ VII+ processor delivers cost-efficiency
  • The intelligent cooling mechanism with optimized fan control means quiet and low-heat operation
  • 20GB/s data bandwidth sustains high business performance of the processor
  • Data protection mechanisms throughout the server maintain business continuity
  • Remote LAN based GUI based monitoring and control provide intuitive and flexible operation

SPARC Enterprise M3000

Thin and cost efficient entry server with enterprise-class reliability and virtualization feature offering the lowest power consumption and software charge for database server


SPARC64™ VII+ : High performance with the highest reliability

  • Quad cores and the most efficient threading with the maximized resource usage enable excellent performance
  • Performance acceleration technologies including Simultaneous MultiThreading(SMT), super scalar, out of order, branch prediction and speculative execution
  • Multi-level data protection; ECC (Error Checking and Correction) on cache memory, parity checking and instruction retry on Registers & ALU (Arithmetic and Logical Unit), eliminates all single bit errors
  • Cutting-edge large system integration (LSI) technologies based on 65nm semiconductor technology means high performance and low power consumption

[ Key Technologies ]
Multi-core multi-thread processor SPARC64™ series and high reliability technology

High Performance

With the newest and standard technologies across server, application performance improves according to processor enhancement.

  • Max.20GB/sec data transmission performance
  • PCI-Express and Serial Attached SCSI(SAS), high speed serial interface support
  • Memory interleave mechanism speeds memory access

[ Key Technologies ]
PCI-Express, SAS, Memory interleaving

No downtime

Hardware availability fully assured by data protection and component redundancy.

  • ECC protection assures address and data bus traffic between LSI
  • Hardware-level memory patrol detects memory errors without exceptions
  • All major components including HDD, Power Supply Units and Fans can be configured redundantly and hot-swapped
  • Total system redundancy, including server, storage and network using PRIMECLUSTER

[ Key Technologies ]
Memory data protection, Main LSI interface data protection, Redundant configuration, Hot-replacement/downgradability, Dual power feed, XSCF, PRIMECLUSTER


M3000 offers fine-grained partitioning and lowest performance overhead in virtualization.

  • Oracle Solaris Containers enable thousands of virtual OS partitions on top of each separate system environment, providing outstanding flexibility in workload and scale-out performance
  • Remote OS boot (SAN Boot) via fibre-channel

[ Key Technologies ]
Oracle Solaris Containers, Server System Manager, SAN Boot

Investment Protection

SPARC/Oracle Solaris provides the certainty that protects your system assets and provides mission critical service.

  • Lower operational costs including electric charge and license charge can raise investment efficiency
  • Oracle Solaris, No.1 market share, UNIX OS (based on UNIX System V Release 4)
  • Application binary compatibility, ensures all your applications will run without change or recompilation
  • SPARC64™ VII+ and Oracle Solaris conform to the same SPARC V9 open processor architecture as all other SPARC processors and operating system versions. This provides the most stable roadmap into the future

[ Key Technologies ]
Oracle Solaris, SPARC, Processor roadmap

SPARC Enterprise M3000

Model Name SPARC Enterprise M3000
Type Rackmount (2U)
Processor Type SPARC64™ VII+
Frequency 2.86GHz
Processor Quantity 1 CPU chips
Processor Core Quantity Max.4 cores
Processor Thread Quantity Max.8 threads
Cache Level1
(On core)
128 KBper core (64KB each for instruction and data cache)
Cache Level2
(On chip)
5.5MB per CPU chip
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Minimum Capacity 4GB
Maximum Capacity 64GB
Expansion Units 4/8/16/32GB
Internal HDD Disk Quantity Serial Attached SCSI Disk x Max.4 disks
Maximum Capacity Max.2.4TB
Media Drive One CD-RW/DVD-RW drive (standard)
Interconnect Point to Point
(Data transmission rate : 17GB/sec)
PCI Slot Quantity (Internal) PCI-Express x 4 slots
Standard Interface LAN 4 ports (1000Base-T, RJ45)
RCI 1 port
UPC 2 ports
Redundancy Disk (Note1), Power supply unit, Fan, Power system
Hot Plug Disk, Power supply unit, Fan
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 440 x 657 x 87 mm
(17.3 x 25.9 x 3.4 inch)
Weight 22kg (48.5lb.)
AC Power Connection Max. Power Consumption 505 W (100-120 VAC)
500 W (200-240 VAC)
Rated Voltage 100-240VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max Heat Generation 1818 kJ/h (100-120 VAC)
1802 kJ/h (200-240 VAC)
Sample power * Power Calculator (Note2)
DC Power Connection Max. Power Consumption 505 W (-48 VDC)
510 W (-60 VDC)
Max. Heat Generation 1818 kJ/h (-48 VDC)
1836 kJ/h (-60 VDC)
Sample power * Power Calculator (Note2)
Environmental Condition Temperature 5 - 35C (at 0-1,500m altitude)
Humidity 20 - 80 %
Features Calendar, Remote power control

Note1: Available with disk mirroring or disk array configuration
Note2: This Power Calculator tool provides sample power consumption of a planned configuration for specific operation conditions.

SPARC Enterprise M3000


SPARC Enterprise M3000 PDF (167 KB) November 2011

White Papers

Oracle Solaris and Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise Systems - Integrated and Optimized for Enterprise Computing PDF (383 KB) May 2011
SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers Architecture PDF (5.47 MB ) September 2011


User Manuals

Note: - The latest information for the product is described in "Products Notes". Please make sure to check "Product Notes" when referring to all manuals.
Getting Started Guide icon-pdf PDF (0.7MB) March 2012 C120-E536-04EN
Important Legal and Safety Information icon-pdf PDF (9.6MB) December 2010 C120-E633-01XA
Safety and Compliance Guide icon-pdf PDF (3.1MB) February 2012 C120-E538-05XA
Common Installation Planning Manual
icon-pdf PDF (1.8MB) Novemberl 2011 C120-H007-05EN
Site Planning Guide icon-pdf PDF (0.7MB) March 2012 C120-H030-06EN
Overview Guide icon-pdf PDF (2.2MB) March 2012 C120-E537-06EN
Installation Guide icon-pdf PDF (1.3MB) March 2012 C120-E539-06EN
Service Manual icon-pdf PDF (7.9MB) March 2012 C120-E540-06EN
Administration Guide icon-pdf PDF (1.7MB) June 2012 C120-E331-13EN
XSCF User's Guide icon-pdf PDF (1.1MB) January 2012 C120-E332-11EN
XSCF Reference Manual (XCP version 1110) (*) icon-pdf PDF (1.7MB) January 2012 C120-E668-01EN
Equipment Rack Mounting Guide icon-pdf PDF (9.6MB) September 2011 C120-H016-11EN
19-inch Rack Model 1740 User's Guide icon-pdf PDF (11.1MB) August 2010 C120-E557-02XA
Rail Kit and CMA Mounting Instruction Guide icon-pdf PDF (2MB) October 2008 C120-E559-01EN
Rail Kit and CMA Mounting Instruction Guide (CA7082-E026) icon-pdf PDF (2.6MB) July 2010 C120-E609-01EN
RCI Build Procedure icon-pdf PDF (0.3MB) January 2012 C120-E361-07EN
RCI User's Guide icon-pdf PDF (0.2MB) January 2012 C120-E360-09EN
Notes on DVD Drive and Discs in SPARC Enterprise icon-pdf PDF (0.1MB) May 2009 -
Glossary icon-pdf PDF (0.1MB) March 2012 C120-E514-05EN