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UNIX Servers SPARC Enterprise Case Studies

Case studies, descriptions and customer comments on solutions to business issues. How the introduction of SPARC Enterprise has helped solve and enhance customer processes from introduction to operation.


SPARC Enterprise Case Study : ANDERSEN SERVICE Co., Ltd.


"In large scale baking, Next-Generation Total Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a strategic IT system for further business development. Renewal of the ordering system would also be a crucial implementation," says Noriaki Horio, Manager of the System Support Department.

List of Case Studies


Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. (Japan : press release)
Daiwa House Upgrades Systems Infrastructure with Fujitsu's Cloud Services
- Strengthening its competitive-edge through efficient ICT investments -
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M8000, M4000 / PRIMERGY RX300 / ETERNUS DX440

Financial Service

Tong Yang Life Insurance and Tong Yang Systems (Korea)
One of the most famous insurance companies in Korea, Tong Yang Insurance have chosen SPARC Enterprise as their core platform for "next generation financial systems" based on SOA. With a new financial era commencing in Korea, the Tong Yang Insurance next generation system will become the standard for the entire Tong Yang Group.
* Applicable products :


Chongming Healthcare Bureau (China) (113 KB)
Under instruction from the Healthcare Ministry of China, Chongming Healthcare Bureau planned to develop a Regional Health Record System to creates, processes, and saves records on each individual・スfs health information.
The Bureau considered choosing the most advantageous and cost-effective products, solution and services, from among a wide range of manufacturers.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M5000
Taixing People's Hospital (China) (800 KB)
Fujitsu helped Taixing People's Hospital set up the PACS system. The system is underpinned by 2 Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5440 servers which also provide the operational reliability.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise T5440

IT Service

High performance, highly reliable Internet-based ticket reservation systems for Multiplex Cinemas services built on SPARC Enterprise, offer stable services even load surges.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise T1000, T2000
The Japan Research Institute, Limited (Japan)
Business Process Optimization SPARC Enterprise Adopted as a High Performance Virtualization Platform In the systems consolidation and integration of HR and accounting systems with SAP, use of a SPARC Enterprise M5000 quadrupled batch performance and improved ease of use.
* Applicable products :


Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. (Japan)
New SPARC Enterprise M3000 based accounting system boosts performance and cost-efficiency.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M3000 / PRIMERGY RX200, TX300 / ETERNUS2000, IPCOM EX2000 LB

Research & Education

FUJITSU University, Fujitsu Ltd (Japan)
Dramatic Cost Reductions from Consolidation of Thirteen Servers into Four using Solaris Containers.
* Applicable products :
Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan : press release)
Fujitsu received an order from the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) for a new supercomputer system which will be the most powerful in Japan when it goes online in 2010.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M9000 / PRIMERGY BX900 / ETERNUS DX80
Kyoto University (Japan : press release)
Kyoto University has chosen SPARC Enterprise Mission Critical Model as its new computing platform.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise Unix servers / ETERNUS2000 / PRIMEQUEST 580
Nagoya University (Japan : press release)
Nagoya University has chosen SPARC Enterprise M9000 as its new computing platform for its Technology Information Center.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M9000 / ETERNUS2000
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (Japan)
y choosing SPARC Enterprise as the mission critical server platform, over 30 systems where consolidated, development costs shrank, quality improved and requirements for on-demand performance growth & configuration flexibility were met.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M8000, M4000 / PRIMEPOWER 250 ETERNUS4000 / ETERNUS NR1000F / ETERNUS LT270


Kanamoto Co., Ltd, (Japan)
SPARC Enterprise improved business efficiency for Kanamoto with faster response to rental-asset management. The new system has stable performance and quick response even when under load from the 1,800 employees in the Kanamoto Group.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M4000, M3000 and T5220 / ETERNUS4000 / PRIMERGY BX620


China Mobile Communications Corporation (China : press release)
China Mobile Communications Corporation, the country's largest mobile phone carrier, has selected Fujitsu's SPARC Enterprise UNIX servers, ETERNUS storage equipment, and PRIMECLUSTER middleware for its core information system.
* Applicable products :
Heilongjiang Mobile Communication Corporation (China) (833 KB)
Based on SPARC Enterprise M9000 servers, Fujitsu proposed the SOP (service-oriented platform) to build the "Cloud Computing Platform Structure" which integrates server, storage, network and security systems, and manages virtualized environments and application systems.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M9000

Transport & Travel

Narita International Airport  (Japan)
A New Air Traffic Control System Built for Ease of Air-Access No-Down System Delivers Smooth Airport Operations
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M5000, M4000 / PRIMERGY RX300 / ETERNUS4000, SN200, LT230/ IPCOM EX2000 IN, L1400
Narita International Airport  (Japan : press release)
Fujitsu Upgrades Air-Traffic Information Control System for Narita International Airport.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M5000, M4000 / PRIMERGY RX300 / ETERNUS4000, SN200 / IPCOM EX200 IN, L1400

Integrated solution with ETERNUS

The Education Examinations Authority of Guangdong Province (853 KB)
The rapid growth in data for Education Examinations Authority caused the systems to become complicated, resulting in system failures which were result of incompatibility between the Sybase database system and the memory.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise servers / ETERNUS4000 M500 Disaster Recovery solution
Nanjing University (567 KB)
Nanjing University's "campus card system" would become an important symbol of a modern university with advanced management. However, any major stop of the IT system could have the potential to place the whole campus in chaos.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M/T series servers / ETERNUS4000 / PRIMECLUSTER
People's Hospital of Chizhou (China) (838 KB)
Introduction of an integrated HIS system based on a highly reliable computing platform consisting of clustered Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M3000 servers, and Fujitsu ETERNUS DX440 disk arrays for online and near-line storage enabled digitization of medical information at source, with instant access to all medical records and related information 24 hours a day.
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise T5440 / ETERNUS DX440 / ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager
Seoul Milk (Korea) (943 KB)
Handling more than 50,000 online orders within 5 minutes The adoption of the new server and storage system quadrupled the business efficiency
* Applicable products :
SPARC Enterprise M8000 / ETERNUS DX8400