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Products concept in UNIX Server SPARC Enterprise

Customer asset protection with standard SPARC/Oracle Solaris servers

With today’s business systems being crucial customer assets, Fujitsu continues to advance its strategies for providing solutions for asset protection.

Systems upgrades occur for many reasons, including improved performance, cost reduction, or business consolidation. In every case Fujitsu seeks to

1. ensure asset protection through efficient reuse of customer applications,

2. provide business continuity through uninterrupted platform compatibility. SPARC Enterprise guarantees such asset protection and business continuity, through a range of server characteristics.

Binary compatibility

SPARC Enterprise has the highest binary compatibility of all UNIX servers, through application interface compatibility with Oracle Solaris and strict SPARC processor conformance. This is because consistent SPARC V9 architecture is used in all SPARC/Oracle Solaris servers.

Business continuity

SPARC Enterprise also ensures business continuity by imbedding data integrity mechanisms in all key processor circuits and by providing redundant capability for all important components.

With the same high binary compatibility and business continuity across all SPARC Enterprise models, cost-effective matched solutions covering all functions from Internet services to mission critical system operation, are much easier to implement. Plus, with the high reliability and availability technologies of Fujitsu coupled with the technological innovations of Oracle, they also operate much more reliably.

Performance and Efficiency

With SPARC Enterprise Mission Critical Models with SPARC64™ VII+, VII and VI processors, high service availability and performance are sustained by use of the high performance and reliability. These processors also support large SMP configuration scalability, with multi-level partitioning and clustering.

The high throughput and business-oriented features, provided with SPARC T4 processors, enable the SPARC Enterprise Throughput Computing Models to dramatically improve performance in Internet computing environments. In addition their low power/cost footprint makes them an Eco-efficient platform in densely racked server environments.

System investment efficiency in mission critical servers

Through asset protection and business continuity, SPARC Enterprise all models deliver system investment efficiency. Adding power saving and cooling innovations, SPARC Enterprise M3000 offers the best cost efficiency. Plus, compact chassis shrinks server space and this single socket server can shrink operational costs such as electric charge and software support charge including Oracle database.

Also SPARC Enterprise mid-range and high-end models can enhance the system investment efficiency through their virtualization and scalability mechanisms. Ongoing system investment efficiency requires that system life-cycle costs for operation, maintenance and upgrades are slimmed down. A major way of shrinking these costs is through server consolidation onto one or more SPARC Enterprise mid-range or high-end models. A single system can host the functions of multiple servers in separate partitions. SPARC Enterprise provides total security between partitions and the flexibility to dynamically reallocate resources between them to further improve investment efficiency.

Such flexible reconfiguration mechanisms reduce and delay the need for additional system investments. For example, spare CPU resources previously locked in separate systems can now be pooled and used by high workload applications, as and when needed. The high scalability, up to 256 CPU cores, 4TB memory, etc., also means that system performance can continue to be improved just by adding components, such as processors and memory, rather than undertake more expensive whole server addition or replacement.

SPARC Enterprise - Mission Critical Models

Investment efficiency in Internet business

The compact SPARC Enterprise Throughput Computing Model provide a high throughput profile, best suited to Web and application servers. Their energy saving and parallel thread processing capabilities enable multiple web or application servers to be consolidated into one Eco-efficient server. Lower space requirements and running costs further reduce the cost profile over the systems they replace.

With outstanding throughput performance, SPARC Enterprise makes it easier to grow the business while keeping system investments low. This is especially important with surging Internet access counts; as additional investment in new servers can be reduced or even halted for a while. Scalability and throughput handling also help temper system costs even with predicted web access growth. They also enable smoother access to new business services.

SPARC Enterprise will keep your system investments at the lowest possible level making them a crucial investment in efficient business growth.

Space Efficiency

At the heart of SPARC Enterprise Throughput Computing Model are the multi-threading multi-core SPARC T4 processors. Multiple SPARC T4 processors can be stacked in a single chassis, significantly improving performance while minimizing server deployment space.

Given the throughput characteristics of Web, application and OLTP servers, use of these processors provides very high and continuous performance. Their low power consumption and matched compact server design significantly reduces running costs and floor-space requirements.

Throughput Computing Models Lineup