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Alliances - SPARC Enterprise

Fujitsu and its group companies around the world are ensuring your future success through global strategic and local alliance partnerships. To provide the best solutions for our customers, the Fujitsu group is partnering with the top providers in their respective industries. This allows us to offer our joint customers outstanding value and a range of well-integrated, customized solutions.

Working closely with many partners, we deliver products, services and solutions for the computing challenges you face every day. Our global initiatives enable our local and regional companies to show you the fastest ways to make your business fully web-enabled and provide you with the insight you need for your overall strategy.

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Oracle | SAP | SAS | Symantec


APC logo

American Power Conversion Corp. (APC) is a leader in power management solutions worldwide. Using proven APC technologies, system operation and energy costs for Fujitsu enterprise products can be minimized. All Fujitsu servers and storage systems are well suited to these solutions. With automatic power scheduling, datacenter administrators can be freed from the burden of multiple power-on/off operations and the system failures which can occur from incorrect power-off operation. Plus, with APC power scheduling, power consumption during idle time can be reduced to zero.


"ATG's e-commerce suite powers some of the world's largest shopping sites. Our customers rely on our solution to handle millions of visits a day and deliver personalized online shopping experiences to tens of thousands of concurrent users, so it's critical that the servers underlying the ATG applications are reliable, high-performing and highly-scalable," said Drew Reynolds, ATG Senior Vice President. "Many of these customers rely on CMT line of servers to run mission critical e-commerce applications and we are confident that new quad-core T5440 server will continue to meet their needs and offer more processing power to handle their growth and increasing use of rich media."

Acquia Drupal

The combination of Acquia Drupal with MySQL database system, SAMP platform, and the SPARC Enterprise T5440 server provides an ideal environment for social publishing solutions.” Bryan House, Director Product Marketing, Acquia.


"As the leading provider of Spend Management solutions, Ariba helps companies analyze, understand, and manage their corporate spending to achieve increased cost savings and business process efficiency. Our enterprise customers demand powerful, reliable server platforms on which to run Ariba applications. The new quad socket server with CoolThreads will provide compelling Price/Performance solution for our customers, said Ariba Performance QA Manager Ronnie Fong."


"JDA's Enterprise Supply Chain Architecture and business solutions provide unmatched performance and scalability for supply chain optimization using industry-leading grid computing technology. new quad-core T5440 server delivers outstanding performance for these mission critical applications across thousands of users. Combining JDA's Enterprise Architecture and CoolThread server redefines the price/performance of mid-range computing, allowing customers to further improve cost-per-calculation and to achieve a stronger ROI."
Larry Ferrere, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Chief Marketing Officer, JDA.

Oracle Corporation

Fujitsu and Oracle have partnership on SPARC Enterprise, and also on Oracle database products. Jointly developed by Fujitsu and Oracle, SPARC Enterprise with Oracle Solaris reaches various areas internationally. Plus, over 3,500 ISV applications are available with SPARC Enterprise. There is no doubt that all SPARC Enterprise users will be able to find and exploit the best application and solutions from the world’s richest ISV line-up. ISV products now available on Oracle Solaris 10 are listed in the Oracle Solaris 10 Application Catalogue.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is an important system component of Fujitsu’s mission critical system solution in combination of Fujitsu PRIMECLUSTER and Fujitsu server/storage products enabling enterprises to not only reduce their TCO but also fully maximize their business continuity and efficiency.


Building on the success of the long-standing Fujitsu Technology Solutions and SAP Global Technology Partnership, Fujitsu Limited entered into a Technology Partner Agreement with SAP AG (Walldorf, Germany). The agreement between the companies acknowledges the reputation Fujitsu's global SPARC Enterprise and PRIMERGY server platforms have earned for their high performance, reliability and availability.



"The scalability and reliability of the SPARC Enterprise systems based on Oracle Solaris 10 are ideal for customers to deploy the most demanding of SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform products and solutions." - Craig Rubendall, Director of Research & Development, SAS



"The SPARC Enterprise servers announced today demonstrates the continuing innovation of the SPARC/Oracle Solaris platform architecture." - Ted Stinson, Senior Director, Strategic Operations, Symantec Data Center Management Group.