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Windows Server 2016

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Reach your full potential with Windows Server 2016 and Fujitsu

Combine the awesome power of Windows Server 2016 with PRIMERGY Server to stay agile and responsive in competitive markets, and be ready with excellent security for cloud-inspired business strategies.

Safeguard your business

  • Safeguard your data across multiple devices with the built-in features of Windows Server 2016
  • Benefit from embedded TPM 2.0 on PRIMERGY servers – and the lowest hardware failure rates on the market
  • And, ensure business continuity by choosing FUJITSU‘s maintenance and support services
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Improve IT efficiency & productivity

  • Windows Server 2016 is designed to deliver increased efficiency, with features including rolling upgrades, scale-out file server clusters and new storage offerings such as Storage Spaces Direct
  • In combination with the record-breaking power and performance of PRIMERGY servers, you have the perfect foundation for efficient, productive computing
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Ready for the cloud

  • With Windows Server 2016, you can take advantage of external resources when it makes sense for your business
  • Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers give you tools for rapid iteration and lighter weight management
  • Latest technology network connections for our PRIMERGY systems enable super-fast cloud deployments
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What makes PRIMERGY Servers best for Windows Server 2016

With a wide choice of PRIMERGY systems, ready-installed with your chosen Windows Server 2016 Edition and ready-licensed out of the box, you have a powerful foundation for your IT infrastructure – whatever your business challenges. It’s all backed by a comprehensive network of Fujitsu partners providing full-service support, making Windows Server 2016 installations on leading-edge x86 PRIMERGY servers the ideal combination for your business.

Semi-Annual Channel: Announcement

Support Information for Windows Server, version 1803

The latest version of the Semi-Annual Channel “Windows Server, version 1803” was released on 7 May, 2018. “Windows Server, version 1803” is the second Semi-Annual Channel following “Windows Server, version 1709”.
The PRIMERGY servers which support “Windows Server, version 1709” are planned to support “Windows Server, version 1803”. Currently they are under validation. We will publish the support information as soon as it is completed. 
The Semi-Annual Channel is a new release program which Microsoft has started providing from Windows Server 2016. The Semi-Annual Channel provides the latest functions of the container application and the container host for customers who use Software Assurance twice a year. In addition, Semi-Annual Channel does not provide GUI, then only “Server Core” and “Nano Server” are available.*
*The Windows Server 2016 has 3 installation options as “Desktop Experience”, “Server Core”, and “Nano Server”. However, for the Semi-Annual Channel, only “Server Core” and “Nano Server” are available.
Installation options Overview
Server with Desktop Experience The general installation option, which can manage with GUI
Server Core The installation option, which manages in command base. It is possible to install in the less disk space than “Server with Desktop”.
Nano Server The installation option, which consists of the less component than Server Core. For the Semi-Annual Channel, it is available as only the guest OS of the Windows container.
Compared with the Semi-Annual Channel, the release program provided every 2–3 years is called the Long Term Servicing Channel. For the Long Term Servicing Channel, all of the above installation options are available. The Long Term Servicing Channel is a release program that can be used as the infrastructure such as the file server, the application using GUI, and the hyper-converged environment using the "Storage Space Direct" function.


Support Information for Windows Server, version 1709

“Windows Server, version 1709” is supported on the PRIMERGY servers which support Windows Server 2016 Datacenter and Standard except for the following servers.
[Servers which do not support “Windows Server, version 1709”]
PRIMERGY RX4770 M2, BX2560 M2, BX2560 M1, BX2580 M2, BX2580 M1
Please see the following OS matrix file with regard to support information for the latest servers.


  • It is not possible to install “Windows Server, version 1709” with ServerView Installation Manager earlier than V12-17-09. Please use ServerView Installation Manager V12-17-11 or later.
  • “Windows Server, version 1709” does not support Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), which was introduced on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. This feature is not available.