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PRIMERGY Case Studies

  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan)
    The integrated FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX8700 system was implemented at Yokogawa Electric’s global ICT infrastructure to support 10 years’ of storage, operational efficiency using automated tiering data utilization.
    Download for printing (322 KB)
  • Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International(ATR) (Japan)
    Next generation energy control system at Keihanna Datacenter – optimizing datacenter power consumption using Datacenter Energy Management System (DEMS).
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  • Yamagata University (Japan)
    Yamagata University selected VMware Horizon View 5 to enhance security, and Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY Server BX922 and ETERNUS Storage DX80 to provide reliable virtualization infrastructure
    Download for printing (225 KB)
  • Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia)
    UPM selected Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers to build a reliable IT infrastructure and support mission critical applications.
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  • China Telecom (China)
    With the increasing popularity of 4G networks, Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY provided China Telecom the ideal ICT foundation to stay ahead of their competition.
    Download for printing (306 KB)
  • Badan Informasi Geospasial (Indonesia)
    Using a comprehensive range of Fujitsu hardware and software solutions, BIG deployed an end-to-end ICT platform that delivers big business benefits.
    Download for printing (166 KB)
  • Yahoo Japan (Japan)
    Yahoo Japan deployed Prefab Data Centers, a next generation ICT concept, leveraging Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY to reduce operational costs and drive efficiency.
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  • Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia (Indonesia)
    Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia implemented a new IT Infrastructure, based on Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY and ETERNUS systems, to expand and support their business into the future.
    Download for printing (157 KB)
    LIFE corporation selected Fujitsu ETERNUS storage systems and PRIMERGY servers, to build an integrated virtualization infrastructure that would support 232 stores nationwide and foster business growth.
    Download for printing (343 KB)
  • Right-on Co., Ltd. (Japan)
    Fujitsu deploys streamlined storage solution to improve Right-on’s business continuity, and support their day-to-day operations across 481 stores in Japan.
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  • Parkmore Medical Centre (Australia)
    The Parkmore Medical Centre was able to use PRIMERGY to set a reliable foundation that would facilitate growth and drive efficiencies.
    Download for printing (218 KB)
  • OrderMate (Australia)
    Using PRIMERGY, OrderMate effectively supports their advanced POS solution to improve customer satisfaction, market reputation and sales.
    Download for printing (289 KB)
  • Christian College Geelong Ltd (Australia)
    Christian College Geelong implements an integrated virtual server and failover cluster solution, based on Fujitsu’s reliable and flexible platform products”
    Download for printing (154 KB)
  • Wahana Makmur Sejati (Indonesia)
    “Fujitsu’s reliable platform products deliver Wahana Makmur an edge in the highly competitive Indonesian motorcycle market.”
    Download for printing (196 KB)
  • I Know IT, a group of IT (Australia)
    ‘I Know IT’ grows business with Fujitsu’s robust and scalable cloud infrastructure that supports its managed service expertise.
    Download for printing (255 KB)
  • Kanto Gakuin University (Japan)
    Leveraging Fujitsu’s Experience with private cloud environments, Kanto Gakuin University was able to quickly implement a centralized, secure infrastructure that reduced costs.
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  • Kure Medical Center (Japan)
    Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY servers enabled the National Hospital Organization, Kure Medical Center, to replace inefficient healthcare systems, improve user convenience, enhance data security, and support decision making for patient care.
    Download for printing (207 KB)
  • Tokyo Denki University
    Tokyo Denki University constructed a Private Cloud within Fujitsu’s Datacenter. The shared infrastructure, based on Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY BX900 blade servers, enabled the leading Japanese university to deliver efficient and enhanced student services.
    Download for printing (145 KB)
  • Doshisha University
    The Doshisha University consolidated multiple systems using Fujitsu enterprise products; the newly formed PRIMEQUEST platform enables rapid and easy expansion by simply adding virtual machines.
    Download for printing (67 KB)
  • Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation
    Fujitsu`s proven experience in the telecommunications industry delivers Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC) a compatible, comprehensive platform based on Fujitsu`s PRIMERGY servers. This platform will allow JSBC to maintain their market leading position and further expand their business offerings.
    Download for printing (73 KB)
  • Vietnamese Electronic Payment (VIETPAY)
    VIETPAY selected Fujitsu’s BX900 series including ServerView software management, as they needed a cost effective ICT infrastructure that would improve performance, enable customer satisfaction and was easy for their staff to use.
    Download for printing (77 KB)
  • State Grid Coporation of China
    State Grid Corporation of China, the largest public electricity utility in China, has adopted hundreds of PRIMERGY TX series servers at the core Transformer Station Automation System, because of its high performance, reliability and compatibility. This will ensure a sustainable and smooth electric power supply in China.
    Download for printing (158 KB)
  • Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd
    To construct a solid foundation for Jointown ‘s Pharmaceutical Distribution System between covering 10 districts and cities in Hubei Province, China, Fujitsu worked with its key regional partner to propose over 500 PRIMERGY x86 servers and associated IT hardware infrastructure platform solutions.
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  • Shanghai Science & Technology Network Communications (STNC)
    Fujitsu’s cloud computing platform enables STNC to deploy a cloud environment easily and efficiently
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  • Changsha Healthcare Bureau
    Based on instructions from the Healthcare Ministry of China, Changsha Healthcare Bureau planned to develop a Regional Health Record System. The HIS system was in the early-stage of preparation for future medical and health records integration across Changsha County.
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  • Chongming Healthcare Bureau
    Under instruction from the Healthcare Ministry of China, Chongming Healthcare Bureau planned to develop a Regional Health Record System to creates, processes, and saves records on each individual’s health information.
    The Bureau considered choosing the most advantageous and cost-effective products, solution and services, from among a wide range of manufacturers.
    Download for printing (113 KB)
  • The City of Yawata
    To address its server sprawl, and bring costs, platform stability, and power efficiency, under control; Yawata City, South of Kyoto, has implemented a Microsoft Hyper V environment on Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers as the basis for further e-government infrastructure.
    Download for printing (343 KB)
  • Korea Meteorological Administration
    To keep pace with expanded data streams and increased resolutions in upgrading its weather forecasting supercomputer models, the Korean Meteorological Administration(KMA) chose a Fujitsu ETERNUS storage solution. Integral to that decision was storage reliability and management, future expansion capability and effective cost/performance - all of which were evaluated as excellent.
    Download for printing (565 KB)
  • Broadband Media
    Building an IPTV Content Delivery Network requires a highly responsive content storage and access system. Extensive benchmarking by Korea’s Broadband Media found Fujitsu’s solution, based on PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage, provided the best performance, reliability, user convenience, and total cost of ownership.
    Download for printing (216 KB)
  • Career Brain
    Needing a more strategic infrastructure to help fend off new competition in the healthcare recruitment business, CareerBrain chose Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers, ETERNUS storage and VMware virtualization. This enabled them to not only reduce server sprawl and complexity, but also more quickly provide new services to meet fast changing business needs.
    Download for printing (309 KB)
  • Hyundai securities
    IT cost savings from virtualization are one thing, but in the non-stop finance industry multiple applications stopping from a single hardware fault is quite another. That is why Hyundai Securities chose highly reliable PRIMERGY blade servers to power their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
    Download for printing (536 KB)
  • Mensa Bina Sukses (MBS)
    The delivery by Fujitsu Indonesia of a robust IT infrastructure provided the expansion capability that helped this national healthcare equipment, pharmaceutical, and consumer health products distributor, drive its business to new levels.
    Download for printing (139 KB)
  • The Daiei, Inc
    Major virtualization of their in-store systems allowed Japan’s largest supermarket chain to add a new computerized gift ordering system and consolidate all systems onto a single x86 server. This freed up precious floor space, reduced administration costs, and saved up to 55 per cent of IT power costs, per store.
    Download for printing (461 KB)
  • Baoji High-tech Development Zone People’s Hospital
    Establishing a major 1200 bed hospital requires a lot of specialist expertise. Ensuring the hospital performs beyond expectations takes something more – Full service-oriented infrastructure systems designed to scale and not to fail.
    Download for printing (186 KB)
  • National Institute of Education, Singapore
    This national teacher training organization recently undertook two large IT projects. Both introduce infrastructure enhancements proposed by Fujitsu. First is a cost reducing Data Center reorganization that also prepares for an expected 30 per cent growth over three years. Second is a private cloud solution for departmental IT budget consolidation, better resource provisioning, and lower project costs. For full details see,
    Download for printing (339 KB) - Data Center Optimization
    Download for printing (288 KB) - Private Cloud Solution
  • Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
    When, after 5 years, one of the world’s largest automotive parts manufacturers needed to re-evaluate their use of virtual environments, they called on Fujitsu. The new Fujitsu and VMware vSphere environment enabled Aisin to introduce new service level oriented services, while reducing their overall systems administration burden and total cost of ownership by two-thirds.
    Download for printing (601 KB)
  • The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
    In preparation for the introduction of a new multi-bank management system, Hokuriku Bank, centred along the North West Japan Sea coast of Honshu, planned a highly-scalable virtual desktop solution. Their choice of VMware desktop virtualization, running on highly stable PRIMERGY servers, significantly reduced costs, maintenance, and extended desktop lifecycles.
    Download for printing (360 KB)
  • Directorate General Of Treasury
    In support of Indonesia’s Directorate General of Treasury and their vision and mission to achieve and enable transparent, accountable, integrated and performance-based state budget management; Fujitsu provided a complete IT infrastructure based on PRIMERGY, PRIMEQUEST and SPARC Enterprise servers and ETERNUS storage.
    Download for printing (139 KB)
  • ISM Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad
    The prime rating agency for Insurance organizations in Malaysia, ISM needed to upgrade their ailing infrastructure and provide prompt service to all insurance industry partners. They chose a compact and high responsive Fujitsu solution with high availability and disaster recovery.
    Download for printing (213 KB)
  • Adi Husada Undaan Wetan Hospital
    In the growing Indonesian healthcare industry, scalable and cost effective solutions are needed to ensure future expectations can be met. That is why at Adi Husada Undaan Wetan they chose to match their preferred software solutions with modular Fujitsu PRIMERGY blade servers and desktop systems.
    Download for printing (115 KB)
  • National Statistical Office (BPS)
    Collecting census information in the world’s largest archipelago with a population of 237 million is never going to be easy. But Fujitsu’s scanner and non-stop server solution and its commitment, ensured completion in just five months for a process that previously took two years.
    Download for printing (139 KB)
  • Huafeng Group of Meteorological Audio & Video Information
    Huafeng Group of Meteorological Audio & Video Information adopted Fujitsu’s Scalable File Server Solution based on Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers, ETERNUS disk storage and the Symantec FileStore software. The scale-out NAS solution enables the authorized weather services provider in China to secure large storage capacity and easily retrieve video files to support their broadcast operations.
    Download for printing (164 KB)
    A scalable and secure cloud environment was built at NTT DOCOMO, INC. using Fujitsu PRIMERGY and ETERNUS to support operations of the company’s new virtualized desktop services
    <Download for printing (277KB)
  • Suntory Group
    Suntory Group built a private cloud environment using the Fujitsu PRIMERGY blade servers. Server virtualization and consolidation greatly reduced the number of servers by about 80 percent, improved operational efficiency and accelerated Suntory’s environmental sustainability efforts.
    Download for printing (225 KB)
  • Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company(SPC) Limited
    This leading petrochemical company needed a reliable and flexible IT infrastructure solution. Extensive evaluation uncovered Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY BX900 Dynamic Cube and ServerView Resource Coordinator Virtual Edition solution. This not only met the needs for effective management but also improved overall efficiency and Green IT compliance.
    Download for printing (137 KB)
  • Traffic Police Detachment of Bengbu Public Security Bureau
    The Traffic Police Detachment selected a Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 Dynamic Cube solution to provide the flexibility to build their Comprehensive Traffic Police Management System. The resulting space saving, high performance computing platform not only met their immediate integration needs but also provided the scalability to expand their operations into the future.
    Download for printing (344 KB)
  • Water Resources Department of Jiangsu Province
    To manage the water resources of flood prone Jiangsu Province required a real time network of hydrometric stations and the ability to transmit information to all the relevant authorities, for immediate evaluation. That was why they chose the reliability of a network infrastructure solution based on Fujitsu PRIMERGY and SPARC Enterprise servers and ETERNUS storage systems.
    Download for printing (303 KB)
  • The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China
    “By fully understanding the requirements of customers, Fujitsu Taiwan built a standardized, virtualized and automated cloud.”
    <Download for printing (356KB)
  • The University of Tokyo
    Using PRIMERGY BX blade servers and Hyper-V 2.0, the University of Tokyo established a common infrastructure system for campus operation. Addressing all campus viewpoints, they consolidated servers gradually aiming at TCO reductions and improved management efficiency.

  • National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
    Migration from UNIX to Linux on PRIMERGY boosts large-scale image processing and system resource sharing at Japan’s National Astronomical observatory.

  • Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
    Mitsui & Co., Ltd. took a bold approach to moving its entire environment to enterprise cloud computing. It commenced a strategic virtualization project that will consolidate their existing 1,000 servers into a virtualized IT infrastructure.

  • Higa Industries Co., Ltd.
    HIGA INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. has implemented its new POS system in its Domino’s Pizza Stores across Japan using compact PRIMERGY TX120 servers. All 170 stores now have new management systems with nationwide remote monitoring functions. Fujitsu’s nationwide service network also provides break-fix operations support.

  • National Shenyang Animation Base
    As a key government sponsored project, the IT systems within the base were required to be supported by excellent platform products with high reliability and the best possible price/performance ratio. Blade servers were recognized as the best solution to solving such problems at the customer site.
    Download for printing (1.04 MB )(1,067KB)
  • St.Luke's International Hospital
    The customer has problems in the past trying to renovate the system. The priority for the new system is to eliminate reliability and stability concerns due to aging hardware and software. Another requirement was to improve agility for disaster recovery with greater system availability.
    Download for printing (120 KB)
  • Beppu City
    The City of Beppu chose to deploy a virtualization environment on Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY RX600 S3 rack-mount servers running VMware Infrastructure 3 for their intranet service. As an early adopter of VMware virtualization technology in their area, the city has achieved great improvements in server availability and manageability with the minimum of investment.

  • UBE Industries, Ltd.
    UBE Industries, Ltd. (UBE) has embarked on a server consolidation and virtualization project to consolidate over 500 servers, at their many branch offices across Japan, onto Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX620 blade servers running VMware Infrastructure 3 virtualization software.

  • The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.
    The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd. subsequently chose to adopt Fujitsu PRIMERGY industry-standard servers to run Windows Server 2008, and commenced an IT transformation project aimed at incorporating the industry’s latest technologies.

  • Fulton County
    Fulton County, Georgia, optimized their taxpayer's dollars by taking a unique approach to server-consolidation. Based on Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST and PRIMERGY blade servers and Initiated as their email server "Statue of Liberty" initiative they achieved 8 to 1 server savings, 25% labor savings and an 89% improvement in server deployment.

  • TIS Inc.
    TIS Inc. chooses Fujitsu’s Blade Servers for internal control assurance, sales process innovation and future growth.
    Download for printing (792 KB)
  • Ichibanya Company Limited
    Ichibanya Company Limited accomplished their server consolidation using Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 rack-mounted servers, VMware HA and a SAN-connected ETERNUS 4000 storage device for improved IT efficiency.
    Download for printing (883 KB) (884cKB)
  • Toyo Gakuen University
    Toyo Gakuen University (TGU) consolidated 16 servers, including web and mail servers onto four industry-standard Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 systems and an ETERNUS NR1000F Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, using virtualization technology.
  • Daiei Incorporated
    PRIMERGY Linux based Wireless Mobile Terminal System revolutionizes ordering and inventory at 346 Daiei Group stores.
    New system enables ordering and inventory checks to be completed in-store, significantly improving the timeliness and accuracy of stock availability and increasing store business.
  • Computer Business Company Limited
    "Seeing is believing"
    It is one thing to promote a smooth approach to systems downsizing but quite another to convince a customer it will work. Especially one used to risk management like a credit company. But that is what Computer Business Company Limited, a major supplier of credit solutions, did with help from Fujitsu's Platform Solution Center.
    Successful validation testing under actual environmental conditions, using the proposed PRIMERGY and ETERNUS equipment and specific tools, successfully convinced the clients that system downsizing was indeed possible and practical.
  • Tokyo Denki University
    The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the restructured infrastructure was greatly reduced by the integration of industry standard Linux servers and virtualization software (VMware).
    In addition, availability and scalability of the system was improved, leading to more efficient operation and maintenance.
  • National Institute of Genetics - Center for Information Biology and DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ)
    World’s fastest next-generation Bio-Database using the Fujitsu developed XML Database engine [Shunsaku].
  • Tokyo Electron Device Limited
    A low cost, high availability system achieved with Linux on PRIMERGY.
    Fujitsu’s advanced technology, expertise and Global Alliance with RedHat Corporation removed the worries from Linux migration.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    Reconstruction of the corporate Internet banking service was undertaken using a combination of PRIMERGY Servers, the Linux operating system and Oracle RAC. Construction was in cooperation with the Japan Research Institute, Ltd. The resulting system is flexible, scalable, and able to handle the rapid increases in service users.
  • Maruzen Co., Ltd
    Creation of a One-Stop-Shop web shopping site, based on the high availability and future scalability of Linux on PRIMERGY
  • Kirin Brewery Co.,LTD.
    The new PRIMERGY and MySAP SRM purchasing information system has greatly reduced the cost of indirect material’s procurement and successfully improved business application efficiency
  • FCS (USA) Case study : The Anthony Marano Company (USA) (372 KB)
    Chicago’s Largest Independent Food Distributor Standardizes on Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST and PRIMERGY Servers and ETERNUS Storage for Mainframe Reliability and Redundancy.
    You can obtain FCS (USA) Case study information >> FCS (USA) Case studies list
  • FHK (HongKong) Case study : CITIC Securities International Company Limited (HongKong)
    "CSI chose Fujitsu over other companies due to a variety of reasons, but we felt that the company displayed leadership in server virtualization innovations and fully reflected our needs," said Mr. Wilfred Chan, Director - IT and administration, CITIC Securities International Company Limited.
    You can obtain FHK (HongKong) Case study information >> FHK (HongKong) Case studies list