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IO Virtualization for Fujitsu PRIMERGY Rack and Blade Server (VIOM)

Up to now, Fujitsu ServerView Virtual-IO Manager or VIOM has been a synonym for Fujitsu PRIMERGY blade server IO virtualization. With the release of version 3.0 also Fujitsu PRIMERGY rack server can be integrated in a VIOM environment. As in the past, VIOM greatly simplifies the administration of PRIMERGY servers in LAN and SAN environments, while providing highest flexibility at their deployment or operation. VIOM removes an entire layer of complexity from current switching architectures thru virtualization of physical network addresses and clear separation of server management from LAN and SAN management.

The IO systems are completely independent from operating systems and fully transparent to applications, services, network and storage systems. This allows for transparent service shifting or server failover and fast and easy start-up of spare or additional servers. Also entire SAN and LAN pools can be pre-configured, saving time and cost, since IO addresses can be pre-assigned, ready for “plug and go” with VIOM managed servers.

With ServerView Virtual-IO Manager previously complex and time-consuming data center tasks can be carried out much easier and in minutes versus hours and days: Managing new installations, performing fast, cost-effective system recovery, running planned system maintenance and undertaking mass system migration - for example moving test systems into production.



Operational issues
  • Static physical network addresses are barriers for flexibility and agility
  • Replacement of hardware or moves of applications (images) require LAN and SAN reconfigurations on blade as well as on rack servers.
Administrational issues
  • Overlap causes simultaneous operations of server, storage and network administration



In Fujitsu PRIMERGY blade servers ServerView Virtual-IO Manager implies harmonized IO hardware modules, the so called Connection Blades. The Connection Blades offer high throughput and similar to conventional switches cost and failure reduction thru cable consolidation. Furthermore, the various administration domains (server, LAN, SAN) can be smartly separated.


For a range of Fujitsu PRIMERGY rack servers the same well-proven principle of I/O virtualization is now available. In the same way as with PRIMERGY blade servers, virtual, customer-defined addresses are used instead of hard-coded MAC addresses and WWNs.


  • Separates server management from LAN and SAN management
    Significantly reduces administration effort, time and costs. Entire SAN and LAN pools are pre-configured only once and pre-assignment of I/O addresses make servers ready for “plug and go”. Any operational changes of VIOM managed servers are now performed without involving LAN or SAN administration.
  • Separates and virtualizes server IO parameters in a hardware independent profile repository
    Minimizes administration effort, time and costs to deploy, maintain and recover VIOM managed servers
  • Supports Fujitsu PRIMERGY rack and blade servers
    Simplifies for a wide range of Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers the I/O virtualization enabling resources to be used more dynamically and efficiently
  • Operates completely independent from operating system; transparent to any application, network, storage system
    Requires no certification: VIOM works with any operating system and hypervisor
  • Comprises provisions to easily add servers to the VIOM managed environment prior to their actual availability
    Speeds up deployment, saves effort, time and costs
  • Reallocates application (images) by simply moving profiles between similar servers
    Increases server utilization, ensures flexibility and fast adaptation to business needs
  • Simple spare server definition and manual failover function for blade servers
    Supports an easy and secure recovery after server failure
  • Scales up to hundreds of rack servers and server blades
    Increases administrator’s efficiency and reduces costs
  • Provides in blade server a path through like connectivity / direct connection architecture
    Reduces costs and minimizes risk for failures by cable consolidation; ensures high throughput
  • Supports Emulex Universal Multi-Channel (UMC) operation
    Enables and manages flexible bandwidth allocation of Converged Network Adapters (CNA) in a very comprehensive and comfortable manner