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Migration/Consolidation Solutions

Financial Services

The decision to move from one platform to another; or to unify an office full of IT equipment can be challenging as well as financially draining on your business. Our Migration/Consolidation solutions offer you a complete package which takes the burden away from you.

You may wish to migrate all of your IT requirements to a total Fujitsu solution. This option allows us to help you audit, review and track, all or a selected part, of your IT assets enabling you to evaluate their need to the business. If they are no longer required, we have a specialist team who can assess them either for buy back; or for disposal, complying with the latest WEEE standards.

Alternatively, you may wish to consolidate all or some of your storage or server capacity to provide maximum efficiency; or you may wish to combine resources due to an office relocation or acquisition of other sites. All of these business scenarios can easily be achieved by our Migration/Consolidation solutions.

The Migration/Consolidation solutions allow for all the other associated costs to be included on the lease; i.e. hardware, software, training, installation, maintenance, services etc.

The Migration/Consolidation solutions can applied to a Finance Lease, an Operating Lease or a Lease Purchase.