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Service Desk

It’s a global market and it’s always open for business. Whether it’s in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin or Vancouver, organizations require reliable resources to meet the needs of their users, regardless of where they are, what time it is or what language they speak.

It’s not easy to manage a service desk under such conditions. The solution? Entrust your service desk to Fujitsu Canada. The advantage? Standard, high quality IT services for your users, no matter where, when you operate or in what language.

Fujitsu Canada manages service desks through an effective relay service that provides nonstop support, in 31 different languages. It will help you achieve your objectives at a competitive rate.

Fujitsu Canada offers a Sense and Respond service improvement methodology and has implementation expertise in strategies based on the TRIOLE method. Our access to an extensive pool of qualified labor means you won’t have to worry about resource shortages. Regardless of the approach chosen, or the size of your project, our goal remains the same: high quality service delivery tailored to your users’ needs.

Why trust us? The users of your IT services deserve the reliable, excellent service we can provide and we are confident our service desk offering will create real value for your business.