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Next-Gen Desktop Management

Today’s work environments are in a constant state of flux as they respond to changing business needs, an increasingly mobile workforce, wide acceptance of tablet and smartphone use. Organizations also have to address concerns about data security, efficient network management and application development for their employees.

How do managers overcome such obstacles? By careful management of their technology infrastructures, and innovative desktop managed services.

Fujitsu Canada’s next-gen desktop management delivers business functionality by managing all the basic aspects of IT services including user ease of access. Through a single point of contact, it dynamically manages a customer’s desktop environment through standardization, automation and security. Fujitsu Canada manages all incidents, problems, changes and new releases through remote support, regardless of geographical location.

The benefits to be realized through our next-gen desktop management include:

  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Relevant underlying infrastructure that meets evolving business requirements
  • Optimization of current versions of existing technology as well as new service delivery models (e.g. cloud services)
  • Ability to address expectations from new workplace entrants for current collaborative tools (e.g. social media software, Wiki pages etc.)
  • Ability to respond to employee demands for workplace flexibility, e.g. working part-time, from home, etc.

Fujitsu’s next-gen desktop management services will improve the integration and protection of your data and ultimately result is a better experience for your users.