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Cloud Technologies

The challenge for businesses is to develop a clear benefits realization strategy. If you are struggling to keep up with the market’s change pace or are considering a more supportive infrastructure, Fujitsu Canada’s cloud computing services can help you.

Cloud computing is flexible and can adapt to agile business operations and requirements. It is based on a pay per use model; you only pay for what you use.

Fujitsu Canada’s cloud services can be used to build an IT infrastructure for the applications a customer is currently using, calculated on an hourly or monthly rate, thereby eliminating the need to worry about seeking out new investment capital. You will find solutions relevant to your business, as you need them, with the added benefit of saving up to 40% of your IT budget.

Your data are accessible anytime, anywhere with the cloud. Storage centers and their related maintenance costs are not necessary. And to protect your corporate information, you can choose the type of protection best suited to your needs: private, public or hybrid.

Organizations can decide to entrust Fujitsu Canada with the management of their infrastructures, or access self-service, available via our global network of secure data centers. Once your business technologies have been integrated into the cloud, this second option puts you in full control. You can then determine the capacity you need and adjust it if necessary. The dynamic supply system, characteristic of the cloud automatically dispenses the resources or modifies its throughput in response to your request.

Cloud computing is not a trend; it is here to stay. Opting for cloud computing solutions will save you money, provide you with lasting benefits and enable you to stay focused on your competitive edge. Fujitsu Canada is already helping companies such as yours realize those benefits through its comprehensive range of cloud computing services and solutions.