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Customer Relationship Management

In a time of economic instability, tougher competition and more demanding customers, excellence in customer relationship management (CRM) is indispensible. As a determining factor of effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility, it helps drive the organization’s bottom line and the development of privileged, lasting relationships with customers.

Fujitsu Canada has put together multidisciplinary (business and IT) and multisector (activity sectors) groups of experts to coach organizations as they improve, or even transform, the way they approach CRM. Whether the activity modifies the entire customer relationship cycle or affects only the marketing, sales management or service delivery phases, every action is taken with the goal of continuous improvement and is based on a full understanding of customers’ needs, expectations and behaviors.

To do that, Fujitsu Canada’s specialists can help you:

  • develop a business strategy;
  • define processes and the work organization;
  • design, implement and host CRM solutions;
  • coach managers, especially regarding continuous improvement needs.