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Remote Delivery

With the shortage of qualified IT specialists, it’s a challenge to keep systems running optimally while continuing to design innovative applications.

Fujitsu Canada’s remote delivery centers give you a simple, efficient and cost- effective alternative to conducting all types and all sizes of Information technology (IT) projects, regardless of your current environment.

These centers contain multidisciplinary teams of experienced IT specialists, meaning you get the expertise you need when you need it – to develop, maintain or convert the applications needed to keep your company running smoothly.

Fujitsu remote delivery centers are an ideal way of:

  • quickly assigning the personnel you need to your development projects;
  • implementing top quality systems in a variety of environments;
  • freeing you up from maintenance and support tasks;
  • accessing skills that are in high demand in your market;
  • accessing many competency centers;
  • benefitting from remote development services free of the risks, uncertainties and inconveniences of offshore development.

Faster project initiation, greater delivery flexibility, superior productivity, increased agility, improved quality: all this means lower project costs so Fujitsu Canada can provide very competitively priced solutions.