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Performance Mangement

Performance Mangement

Our Performance Management/Lean offering focuses on maximizing the added value delivered by your operations and processes. Our skilled professionals work closely with you to minimize inefficiencies and optimize resource utilization. We cover the Retail, Manufacturing and Service industries.

You may be facing time, cost or quality issues that are forcing you to rethink how you do things. The Performance Management/ Lean offering is designed to create a management and continuous improvement culture that can improve the performance of your organization, regardless of industry sector, by optimizing response times, costs and quality – in particular, by eliminating waste. With our proven, pragmatic approach, this global service offering can help you overcome operational challenges and realize a measurable ROI within mere months. You will see your productivity increase and operating costs decrease, along with an overall improvement in the workplace environment.

Business Process Management

There are three main reasons for using Business Process Management (BPM):
  • Create or maintain differentiation and competitive advantage in an environment of constant change
  • Increase organizational efficiency
  • Comply with standards or regulatory mandates 

Fujitsu can design the business models necessary to support your business strategies and then help you implement them.  We also provide the software and services needed to help you continuously visualize and optimize your business processes, thus creating leaner, more efficient operations. For example, our Automated Process Design (APD) tool visualizes your current process and identifies issues, bottlenecks, and breakdowns that can be modified to achieve improvements. Our Interstage BPM software allows you to quickly model new processes, automate their execution and then provide continuous analysis and optimization.

Interstage Business Operation Platform

Interstage® Business Operations Platform (BOP) is a software platform to design, develop and deploy enterprise-class, process-centric solutions that leverage existing IT assets as well as cloud services and bridges three seemingly disconnected worlds:  integration, business process management, and composite application development.  The Fujitsu BOP certified Professional Services Delivery team uses a closed loop improvement methodology to accelerate the time to value.

Interstage BOP Services Fact Sheet (1.04 MB )

Why Choose Fujitsu?

  • Fujitsu proprietary APD technology can quickly visualize your “as-is” processes, cutting the time taken to identify process inefficiencies by approximately 75% (compared to traditional methodologies) and also allowing you to identify opportunities for optimization. 
  • Innovative APD provides evidence-based detection to ensure timely, accurate insight into processes that affect critical business tasks and activities. Its closed-loop process-mining identifies inefficiencies to fast-track continuous process optimiza­tion, resulting in better business performance.
  • As a leading agile BPM solution, Interstage BPM creates a comprehensive, unified platform that spans functional units, cross-departmental value chains, trading partners and general communities impacted by BPM.
  • Interstage BPM allows organizations and knowledge workers to manage the full range of processes – from the routine and repeatable to those with cross-functional paths and steps that cannot be defined in advance. All team members are kept on the same page via social and collaborative capabilities such as wikis and discussion threads that support decentralized communication and provide immediate updates.
  • Our BPM solutions can be used as off-the-shelf software, on the cloud, or on the web.
  • Fujitsu has trained and certified BOP professionals in the US and India.  Using our closed loop improvement methodology and 3+3+3 Quick Start, we can accelerate your time to deploy, improve your speed of change, and improve your business operations.