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Fujitsu ICT Sustainability: New Zealand Benchmark 2014 download

Benchmark NZ
The 2014 New Zealand Benchmark Report takes a critical, whole-of-system view into key areas of the ICT supply chain, from Lifecycle Management, the Data Centre, End User Computing and Metrics, to how ICT energy use is measured and managed. The model also integrates Technology Enablement - an exciting emerging area that assesses how technology is being used to support other parts of the business and in other industries.

The Report identifies a number of areas where the technology units within public and private sector organisations need to focus their attention. Being proactive in tracking ICT energy usage, having appropriate systems in place, and leveraging Technology Enablement are the primary initiatives required to benefit from potential gains in sustainability. The document contains helpful tips, expert advice and ‘quick win’ strategies that businesses can start today to achieve both improved efficiency and competitive gains.

The objective of this report is not only to present the results this survey but to also act as a practical guide for both the IT and Sustainability departments in organisations.

“The ICT Sustainability Benchmark report is so much more than a report, it’s a great tool that allows organisations to fundamentally shift their approach to sustainable IT, for the better of their organisation and the planet.” Glen McLatchie – General Manager ICT, Meridian Energy Limited.

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