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Fujitsu Launches New Range of Compact, Business-grade A4 Image Scanners with Class-Leading Speed and Performance

Expanded software features “one touch” operation and centralised administration

Fujitsu Australia Limited

Sydney, January 20, 2012

Fujitsu a leading provider of ICT business solutions, announced the release of the fi-6130Z, fi-6140Z, fi-6230Z, fi-6240Z: the latest high-speed A4 scanners from the fi Series line of business grade scanners that are leaders in their class in speed and cost-performance. The new models will be available January 16, 2012. *1*2

The new models are the successors of the fi-6130, fi-6140, fi-6230 and fi-6240, the company's best-selling fi models, which have received high acclaim in the decentralised capture market, selling over 1.5 million units worldwide.*4

In the new models Fujitsu has improved on the popular features of the previous models including high-speed scanning performance (60ppm/120ppm). In addition to these improvements, the new models also introduce new features such as a "ScanSnap mode" function and a centralised administration function called "Scanner Central Admin": the former gives fi users the same easy "one touch" operation of the highly praised ScanSnap series, and the latter vastly improves efficiency in setting up and managing multiple fi Series scanner units over a network.

In the decentralised capture market, Fujitsu is ready to support the document digitising needs of its customers by introducing new products with excellent cost-performance ratio that improves work efficiency and productivity.

Product features and pictures below:

Fujitsu fi-6140z Scanner Fujitsu fi-6240z Scanner

fi-6140Z, fi-6130Z
(ADF Duplex Model)*3
fi-6240Z, fi-6230Z
(ADF Duplex/Flatbed Model)


1. Class best in basic performance
The new fi models raise the bar in speed and feed performance among ADF type image scanners of their class.

(1) Class-leading features
The fi-6140Z and fi-6240Z deliver a scanning speed of 60ppm/120ipm (color, A4, 200 dpi), a 150% increase over the previous models and the fastest among their class of scanners. The fi-6130Z and fi-6230Z offer unparalleled cost-performance and scan at 40ppm/80ipm. All the new models come equipped with features like intelligent multi-feed and paper protection to ensure fast and reliable scanning. The intelligent multi-feed function lets users selectively bypass multi-feed detection so that they can scan a page with attached materials (e.g., photo or memo) as it is. The paper protection function stops scanner operation when an irregularity is detected during a page feed.

(2) Versatile scanning from ID cards to A3 size documents
All new fi models come bundled with one carrier sheet (i.e., ScanSnap Carrier Sheet) for digitizing larger paper sizes up to A3. Carrier sheets can be scanned together with other paper documents.*5 In the opposite end, the scanners also digitize standard ID card sizes, scanning up to three cards consecutively.*6 Just one scanner can serve as an all-purpose digitizing tool at the office.

2. New functions to expand your scanning possibilities

(1) "ScanSnap mode" function delivers ScanSnap's user-friendly features (ScandAll PRO V2)
With the new "ScanSnap mode" function, fi customers to scan documents just like if they are using a scanner from the highly praised line of personal and small office scanners, the ScanSnap series. Scan paper documents to various applications without the hassle of adjusting scanner settings. ScanSnap mode is ideal for scanning documents meant for everyday office applications.

(2) Cut scanner installation and administration costs with "Scanner Central Admin"
The new fi models come armed with a centralised administration function Scanner Central Admin that allows users to monitor scanner running status, install/update scanner drivers/software and more over a network, all from one terminal.*7 This dramatically reduces the cost and work that goes into installing and managing groups of scanners at an organisation; and in expanding the scanner network to multiple remote locations.

3. Bundled with the most up-to-date software

(1) ScandAll PRO V2 - Enhanced scan job separation
The automatic job separation function of ScandAll PRO uses divider sheets with printed barcodes and patch codes to sort image data from multiple page feeds into user-defined units. This function has been enhanced to recognise a wider range of 1D barcodes (linear barcodes), allowing for a wider range of sorting possibilities for output image files. The fi-6140Z and fi-6240Z come with ScandAll PRO V2 Premium which features job separation using 2D barcodes (matrix codes). Use auto job separation when scanning paper batches with the new fi models to bring new levels of efficiency to work processes. (ScandAll PRO V2 Premium is available as an option to fi-6130Z and fi-6230Z users.)

(2) VRS 5.0 Professional - Scan documents to highest quality images
The new fi models come with the latest version of Kofax VRS, the powerful scanner software from Kofax, Inc. U.S.A. The software works by automatically adjusting scan settings to best suit a document's qualities in order to produce high quality image data that is optimised for recognition processing technologies like OCR.

• Trademarks
Kofax and VRS are either a registered trademark or trademark of Kofax, Inc. Other products and company names that appear in this press release are the registered trademarks of the respective companies.


  1. FUJITSU "fi Series" document scanners are marketed globally as a single brand by PFU LIMITED, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group Companies.
  2. The fi-6140Z and fi-6240Z belong to the class of A4 ADF color scanners with scanning speeds that meet or exceed 60ppm/120ipm (A4, Color, 200dpi). The fi-6130Z and fi-6230Z belong to the class includes A4 ADF (Automatic document feeder) and A4 ADF with a flatbed color image scanners that are priced between US$300 and US$2,000. This stood true as of November 2011.
  3. ADF stands for "Automatic Document Feeder."
  4. Decentralised capture (also called distributed scanning) is the term used to describe the digitisation of documents at multiple, physically separate locations such as at company branches/divisions, reception counters, and teller windows. This is opposed to centralised scanning, which is the digitisation of all documents at a single location of a workplace.
  5. Up to three ScanSnap Carrier Sheets can be scanned consecutively.
  6. These products support plastic cards up to 1.4 mm in thickness and ISO 7810 embossed cards.
  7. These products come bundled with necessary software for setting up the server and client machines.

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