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Fujitsu launches U-Scan Genesis self-checkout at Retail Technology Expo

Fujitsu Australia Limited

Melbourne, August 14, 2007

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand today launched the U-Scan Genesis™ family of self-checkout systems. The U-Scan Genesis will be demonstrated at Stand C2, Retail Technology Expo, Melbourne from August 14-16.

With its compact, space-saving size, U-Scan Genesis is expected to rapidly expand into new markets, in addition to the traditional grocery sector, where Fujitsu has led for many years. Large store retailers such as mass merchandisers, do-it-yourself (DIY) and warehouse stores, to more space-constrained discount and specialty retail stores, are expected to find the new U-Scan Genesis’ features and compact design a significant improvement over other self-checkout options.

Vaughn Clair, Retail Industry Director, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand said, “Self-checkout is the fastest growing and most successful in-store self-service technology. We are also experiencing considerable interest in a new self-payment option, which allows multiple checkout scanning lanes that don’t handle payments, to feed into an unattended ATM like self-payment terminal. While self-checkout/self-payment technologies haven’t been widely adopted in Australia yet, we believe with products like the feature-rich and easy to use U-Scan Genesis, widespread adoption is just around the corner.”

U-Scan Genesis offers a wide portfolio of hardware and software technology enhancements including:

  • High capacity, space saving size – redesigned to enable easier packing with increased capacity per square metre, delivered in one of the smallest self-checkouts available. U-Scan Genesis minimises the impact on the overall retail floor selling space while providing greater opportunity for impulse item merchandising in and around the self-checkout area.
  • ATM-style “follow-me” LED lighting – guides users through the checkout process faster, making it easier to locate the notes, coin, receipt and coupon devices. Shaving seconds off every self-checkout transaction results in faster throughput and improved labour productivity.
  • More intuitive customer interface – redesigned using the same human-machine interaction technology used to design automotive and aviation control systems, U-Scan Genesis reduces transaction time, making it easier to follow on-screen customer instructions.
  • “Above scanner” note and coin accepting and dispensing units – speeds the transaction process and reduces the chance of customers leaving money behind. Vertical orientation of these devices into a tight cluster adjacent to the display makes it much easier and faster for consumers to find the payment and receipt functions.
  • Multi-item scanning – this patent-pending technology enables shoppers to scan items one after the other and then place in the bag to further accelerate the check-out process. Shoppers do not have to scan and bag one item before scanning and bagging the next.
  • Metrologic scanner/scale – offers high first-pass scan rates with 6-sided, 360° scanning and integrated electronic article surveillance (EAS).
  • Rapid integration to POS applications – Using Fujitsu’s sophisticated messaging framework and virtual POS design, U-Scan can be quickly integrated to most retailer’s POS systems. Future POS upgrades are much simpler, faster and less costly to integrate with the U-Scan software, meaning much lower impact to retailer’s on-going POS release schedule.

Initially, U-Scan Genesis will be available in 1-, 2- and 4-bag, multi-lane payment station and kiosk configurations. Fully integrated with Fujitsu’s iPAD hand-held devices, U-Scan Genesis can be configured with or without a cashier attendant station to provide more options for layout and customisation in any retail operation. Carousel and belted versions will also be available in late 2007 and early 2008.

U-Scan Genesis is designed for the future to protect the retailer’s investment. Scalability and modular design means that when new features are introduced, upgrades are possible without a complete replacement of the lanes.

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Date: 14 August, 2007
City: Melbourne
Company: Fujitsu Australia Limited