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Fujitsu Australia Announces $15 Million Investment to Drive IT Service Industrialisation

Fujitsu Australia Limited

Sydney, November 21, 2007

Fujitsu Australia Limited today announced plans to invest A$15 million on a massive business transformation program designed to consolidate its commitment to the industrialisation of IT services.

CEO of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, Rod Vawdrey, said the initial investment of $15 million over the next 12 months highlights Fujitsu’s conviction that IT service industrialisation, as embodied in its TRIOLE process, offers enormous benefits for customers.

“As an Australian company with Japanese parentage, our heritage is firmly rooted in a philosophy of continual improvement, driven by a commitment to put our customers first in everything we do,” he said.

“This investment represents a tangible commitment to deliver on our vision to lead the industry with a new standard for IT service delivery by industrialising our offerings and processes. We are now engaged in a program that will embed this approach at the heart of everything we do, a strategy to which we are fully committed because we believe it will deliver tremendous value for our customers,” said Mr Vawdrey.

Fujitsu’s innovative TRIOLE approach, which promises to deliver increased agility, continuity and efficiency, is modelled on the highly successful industrialisation of the Japanese car industry.

Manufacturers like Toyota standardise on 80 per cent of a motor vehicle’s components, allowing customers to specify their options for the 20 per cent of the car that reflects their unique needs.

“Like motor vehicles, IT solutions share about 80 per cent functionality in common, providing an opportunity for us to save our clients time and money by standardising on those components, our methodologies and delivery processes,” explained Executive General Manager of Fujitsu’s Infrastructure Services Division, Peter McFarlane. Fujitsu plans to focus its initial business transformation efforts on Infrastructure Services since this area offers the greatest potential for immediate benefits for customers.

“Through an intensive program of continual enhancement and testing, we will be able to guarantee superior performance and reliability to reduce the risk associated with projects adopting an industrialised approach. At the same time we will free up resources to focus our innovation capabilities on the 20 per cent of a solution that represents a client’s unique business requirements and the key opportunity for differentiation,” Mr McFarlane said.

The initial $15 million earmarked for Fujitsu’s Transformation program will be divided between two areas of focus:

  1. the development of new industrialised offerings to take to market; and
  2. facilitating and enabling transformation activities across the business, including the development of new architecture design functions and an improved model for service delivery.

One of the first Industrialised offerings to become available to customers will be a Desktop Managed Service (DMS) offering for Microsoft’s Vista platform.

“We are delighted to be able to offer an industrialised service solution based around Vista as part of our global alliance with Microsoft,” said Mr Vawdrey.

While earmarking a substantial sum for its Transformation program in 2008, Mr Vawdrey said Fujitsu recognises this is a journey that will take time, requiring an increased investment in future years.

“We are really just beginning the process of embedding this approach across our organisation and communicating the benefits to customers. While $15 million is a large commitment by any standards, we appreciate that the process of transforming our entire business to epitomise the TRIOLE philosophy will not happen overnight.

“We will invest whatever resources are necessary to accomplish our vision to industrialise the delivery of IT services as a major step forward for this industry and one that will deliver enormous opportunities both for us and our clients,” he said.

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Date: 21 November, 2007
City: Sydney
Company: Fujitsu Australia Limited