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WorldxChange Offers New Telephony and Data Choices with BroadSoft VoIP Capability from Fujitsu

Fujitsu New Zealand Limited

Wellington, February 09, 2004

WorldxChange Communications is set to launch a new range of integrated voice and data services powered by the industry-leading BroadSoft Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform delivered by Fujitsu.

The recent Government announcement that will give Telecom New Zealand's competitors access to its ADSL network means that WorldxChange can offer high speed internet and voice services to all customers.

As one of the country's first public network providers to bridge traditional telephony and modern VoIP communications, WorldxChange gives residential and business customers the opportunity to take advantage of sophisticated network features at much lower cost.

VoIP capabilities allow WorldxChange to offer a rich array of customer enhancements such as integrated voice and data services, easy-to-use conference calling, voicemail and follow-me call diversion. New IP Centrex-style managed virtual PBX systems let growing companies enjoy big-business telephony features on a small-business budget. Now Customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of a PABX without having to spend capital on an expensive PABX and messaging system. Just as importantly, customers will also save by not having to maintain expensive maintenance contracts when connecting themselves to the WorldxChange Network.

These benefits are the result of the sophisticated virtual telecommunications network built by WorldxChange in partnership with Fujitsu. Using the world-leading BroadWorks IP telephony platform enables WorldxChange to bypass the incumbent carrier and offer services directly to customers over third-party infrastructure such as the Tangent and Counties Power's Wired Country local loop network in the Franklin and Papakura districts south of Auckland.

"As a competitive carrier taking on the dominant incumbent, WorldxChange needs to deliver a superior grade of services at attractive prices. The best way to do that is with a modern technology, and the BroadSoft solution is recognised worldwide as the best IP telephony solution on the market," says Paul Clarkin, Director of Operations and Carriers, WorldxChange Communications.

Fujitsu supplied the solution under its Asia Pacific partnership to deliver next-generation network solutions with BroadSoft technology. Fujitsu offers a comprehensive VoIP solution for service providers: in addition to the BroadWorks software suite, Fujitsu is providing Sun server hardware, Cisco router infrastructure, system integration services and ongoing support. "WorldxChange evaluated the top five VoIP solutions and found BroadSoft offered the best functionality, a smooth migration path and a strong product roadmap into the future. Coupled with a compelling price and outstanding service and support, the Fujitsu offering was the complete package for our needs," says Mr Clarkin.

Fujitsu assisted WorldxChange in building a proof-of-concept network to test the capabilities of the VoIP solution with a number of pilot customers. The three-month trial drew an overwhelmingly positive response, encouraging WorldxChange to proceed to full commercial roll out over the next few months.

"Fujitsu has helped WorldxChange establish a fantastic foundation for future growth," says Cecil Alexander, Director of Sales and Marketing, WorldxChange Communications.

"Not only does this VoIP infrastructure enable us to offer services to more customers without relying on the incumbent carrier network, it also opens up opportunities for us to provide wholesale IP telephony services to other service providers who don't want to run their own networks. This represents a tremendous boost for telecommunications competition in New Zealand."

Brian Murphy, General Manager Telecommunications, Fujitsu, welcomed the WorldxChange implementation as further evidence of the growing momentum of VoIP in the Asia-Pacific region.

"WorldxChange is at the forefront of a new wave of innovative telecommunications service providers that recognise the benefits converged networks bring for customers in terms of sophisticated network features and competitive pricing," Mr Murphy says.

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About WorldxChange Communications Limited

WorldxChange Communications Limited is a 100 per cent NZ-owned, privately-held company that is the third largest provider of tolls services in New Zealand (behind Telecom NZ and Telstra/Clear). The company has more than 40,000 active tolls customers that generated around NZD$22 million in the last financial year. The company is located in Auckland and currently employs 34 full-time staff. WorldxChange has recently invested heavily in carrier-grade IP core hardware and systems that will allow it to become the first true fully-convergant IP carrier in New Zealand. The network utilises vendor offerings from both Broadworks and Cisco that have been combined to allow for a full service offering of voice, Internet and video services via IP over alternative last mile networks around New Zealand.
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Date: 09 February, 2004
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