In both the real-world and digital societies, consideration for "human dignity" is reflected in all our corporate activities and we constantly work to "create human-centric value".


  • Embedding "respect for human rights" within Fujitsu Frontech
    Completion rates for global human rights training : 90%

Our Approach

The shared values articulated in the Code of Conduct of the Fujitsu Way are guidelines for each employee to follow when conducting their daily business operations. Prime among them is "We respect human rights", a principle that underpins all our corporate activities. We are working to ensure that this concept becomes an integral part of the day-to-day actions of all employees in the group.

Organizational Structure and Activities to Raise Awareness of Human Rights

Fujitsu Frontech has established a Human Rights Promotion Committee chaired by the head of human resources. To implement activities that promote respect for human rights, we have set up Regional Human Rights Promotion Committees comprising regional workplace representatives in each Fujitsu Frontech work location in Japan. We also collaborate with the committees in Fujitsu Frontech Group companies within Japan.
The status of activities and issues with the regional and group company committees is regularly checked by the head office of the Human Rights Promotion Committee. Findings are used by the Human Rights Promotion Committee to summarize activities and set policy directions on an annual basis to drive ongoing, structured educational activities that promote respect for human rights. In order to plan to raise internal awareness of human rights, we created "Business and Human Rights" posters and displayed them in our work locations in Japan and other countries.

Education on Human Rights

Based on the policy directions set by the Human Rights Promotion Committee, Fujitsu Frontech and the group companies within Japan conduct education and training activities using course content that is common across the company as well as content targeting issues specific to a region or group company. There are training programs that all employees undertake when joining the company and upon promotion, as well as other training programs held year-round. These training programs cover various human rights issues, including discrimination against minorities, workplace harassment, understanding of LGBT issues, and human rights issues related to business operations.
At Fujitsu Frontech, we believe it is crucial for a culture of understanding to be championed by senior management in order to instill respect for human rights. Therefore, we conduct training for newly appointed executives in Fujitsu Frontech and our group companies in Japan that teaches them our approach to corporate activities based on international human rights standards. Moreover, the Fujitsu Frontech Group developed an e-learning program on "Business and Human Rights” that was intended for group employees and aimed to heighten awareness about human rights issues.

Framework for Reporting and Consulting on Human Rights Issues

As a system for receiving internal reports and consultations from all Fujitsu Frontech Group employees (including expatriate employees, contract employees and temporary employees), we have established the Compliance Line/FTEC Alert Compliance Consultation Desk. We also operate the Human Rights Consultation Desk to handle individual consultations.
At Fujitsu Frontech, we have also set up the Compliance Line for Suppliers as a channel for receiving reports from suppliers regarding any actions that are potential or actual instances of non-compliance in our purchasing activities.

Fujitsu Frontech has established a Human Rights Counseling Service at its domestic and overseas Group companies. The content of consultations is reported to the Human Rights Promotion Committee after due consideration of personal information, privacy, and is used to confirm the status of the use of the hotline and to prevent recurrence.
Each Fujitsu Frontech Group company in Japan and overseas has its own internal reporting system.

Initiatives to Prevent Forced Labor and Child Labor

The Fujitsu Frontech Group has stipulated that it will not use forced labor or child labor, and as a member of the Fujitsu Group, we comply with the Fujitsu Group CSR Procurement Guidelines, which includes provisions on the elimination of forced labor and child labor. We also request our suppliers to comply with these guidelines and to eliminate forced labor and child labor.

FY2021 Performance

Initiatives on Human Rights Issues

  • Conducted e-learning for all employees.
    (Actual) Education participation rate : 99%
AreasHuman Rights IssuesMajor Activities in FY2021
Supply ChainWork environment
  • Conducted CSR surveys for 243 suppliers, including 3 manufacturing subcontractors, to confirm compliance with the RBA Code of Conduct
  • Conducted surveys to confirm compliance with the RBA Code of Conduct at three manufacturing sites in Japan and other countries
EmployeesDiscrimination and harassment/working hours
  • Continued training for new and promoted employees, as well as human rights training, with the aim of preventing various forms of discrimination and harassment
  • Reviewed internal systems, monitored ICT usage and delivered management reforms to promote diversified, flexible work styles that are not predicated on long working hours
  • Conduct Business and Human Rights e-learning for all employees to learn basic human rights knowledge, which is the basis for detecting the risk of human rights violations in business
  • Members of Consulting on Human Rights Issues participate in online workshops to learn how to respond appropriately to human rights issues

Education on Human Rights Issues

Fujitsu Frontech conducts the following training programs on the themes of "discrimination against minorities", "workplace harassment", "promoting an understanding of gender diversity" and "human rights issues related to business operations".

  • Training for managers held by Fujitsu Frontech Group companies (based on a three-year plan)
  • Training for new employees
  • Training for promoted employees (provided only to Fujitsu Frontech)
  • Training for new temporary staff (provided only to Fujitsu Frontech)

Activities to Raise Awareness of Human Rights

  • Held and awarded photo contests for employees of Fujitsu Frontech and group companies in Japan and their families to promote human rights awareness
  • Displayed posters promoting human rights awareness in the workplaces of Fujitsu Frontech and group companies in Japan

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