Contact Center which operates help-desk service has acquired COPC® CX Standard Certification, the International Quality Assurance Standard

COPC® CX Standard Certification

Contact Center which operates help-desk service has acquired
COPC® CX Standard Certification, the International Quality Assurance Standard

Fujitsu Frontech Limited has acquired the certification of the international quality assurance standard "COPC® Customer Experience (CX) Standard for Customer Service Providers (CSPs) Release6.2" * (hereon referred to as "COPC® CX standard") for its LCM-DCX Contact Center (Kumagaya City, Japan).

At our Contact Center, we respond to user inquiries about operations and trouble up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through multiple channels such as operators with expertise in each system and chatbots. Our various efforts to provide high-quality performance were highly recognized and we gained the COPC® CX standard certification.

About COPC® CX standard

COPC® CX standard is a global standard that unifies performance standards such as high customer satisfaction, customer service quality, and cost-efficiency of contact centers, and its systematic operating process. Only organizations that meet those requirements and are recognized as having excellent performance and process management can be certified.

About our contact center

Our contact center provides retail stores with supports for all aspects of daily store management and business operations, including operation systems, such as POS (Point of Sales) system and store BO (Back Office) system, PC-related help-desk service, and system operation monitoring. Besides, we are expanding our services to customers in a variety of industries and businesses, including manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, and responding to inquiries through multiple channels such as chatbots.
In order to respond promptly, accurately and closely to customers, we are working to improve service quality by collecting VOC (voice of customers) for inspection and improvement, reviewing personal assignment appropriately according to the content and quantity of inquiries, seamlessly cooperating with related departments, and proposing a business improvement to customers. Through those activities, it was judged that the system to operate our contact center at a high level was constructed and appropriately managed. This certification proves that our contact center is at a high level among contact centers inside and outside Japan.
We will continue to strive to further improve the quality of our response so that we can help improve customer satisfaction and contribute to expanding customers' business. Furthermore, we will work to improve CX (customer experience) by providing services using digital technologies, such as AI, SNS, and automated voice in response to customers' omni-channel strategies.

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    COPC® CX Standard:
    In the United States in 1996, companies that implement and order call center operations gathered to create a management model to improve quality of operations and customer satisfaction. Based on the concept of the U.S. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MB Award), the COPC® standard was established as a "performance improvement model" that can respond call center operations with global demand beginning to expand. COPC Inc. was also established in the US as an organization to operate and maintain the standard. COPC® is a trademark of COPC Inc. (Head Office: Florida, the US)

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