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FUJITSU Enterprise Application PRO-NES


An ERP Solution for Manufacturers

What is PRO-NES?

PRO-NES is the ERP solution integrates production site and management including sales, production, costing and financial modules. It provides support to “Seamless operation”, “Integrated information” and “Visualization” of your business activity.

Covering Industries

[Plant]: chemicals, cosmetics, paint, and lubricant
[Food]: beverages, frozen foods, additives, and sweets
[Assembly]: machinery, electric/electronic products
[Processing]: automobile parts, metal processing, plastic molding

PRO-NES Introduction Video


PRO-NES Features Diagram

feature diagram

                                           Larger View (155 KB)

Product Highlights

  • A system which has accumulated Japanese manufacturer's know-how and practices
    blue iconOne of the best selling ERP product for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Japan. It has approximately 2,100 installations in Japan, China, Mexico and others ASEAN countries.
    blue iconSupports various production models such as MTO, BTO, Make to Stock (MTS) by utilizing SEIBAN, KANBAN, MRP method and etc.
  • Realize low cost and short lead time implementation
    blue iconMost of PRO-NES users from myriad of industries have successfully implemented PRO-NES system within 6~9months.
    blue iconProvides step-up model product which allows the users to implement system by operation module basis according to your business needs.
    blue iconOffers a cloud-based system to world-wide manufacturers.
  • Functions to enforce your governance
    blue iconEquips with security control and data history features etc. to assure IT system general control and prevent fraud in your IT system.
    blue iconSupports J-SOX compliance to ensure your company provides internal control assurance.
  • Strong support to your global operation
    blue iconSupports multiple currencies, multiple foreign exchange rates and international trade.
    blue iconMulti-language support for Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.  
    blue iconEquips with standard and localized features which meet individual country tax calculation and accounting standard requirement.
  • Support for group companies
    blue iconPRO-NES is able to process business data of multiple group companies by sharing one center server system.

Global Support

Product specialized support centers located at Osaka, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur.

support center

Support customer directly from the local Fujitsu companies or PRO-NES partner companies.

global support

Product Lineup

Manufacturing System
blue iconMainly used in assembly and processing manufacturing sectors.                           
blue iconProduction model which based on Bill-of-Material (BOM).
Financial System
blue iconAn accounting solution for company-wide financial management.                         
blue iconSeamless integration with manufacturing system.
Industry Template
blue iconTo meet the unique requirements of specific industry.                                         
blue iconMainly used in chemical, food and automotive manufacturing sectors.   
Business Package
blue iconEnable to construct a system by selecting the necessary                                      
module(s) based on enterprise business needs.   
Option Products
blue iconSupport production scheduling, costing, business intelligence and etc.                   
Integration Products
blue iconProducts which have standard integration with PRO-NES.                       
blue iconCloud-based manufacturing solution support worldwide manufacturer.                  
blue iconLow cost/ short lead time implementation.   
Data Collection Tools
blue iconTerminals and devices used module which realize real time shop floor data collection.                  

System Environment

DB Server

OS/Middleware Minimum Requirement of PRO-NES V30L20
Server OS Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition/ Enterprise Edition (SP2, 64bit)
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition/ Enterprise Edition (64bit)
Oracle Oracle 11g R2 Database SE/SE1/EE ( for Windows Server 2008, for Windows Server 2012, 64bit)
Oracle 12c R1 Database SE/SE1/SE2/EE ( for Windows Server 2012, 64bit)

AP Server

OS/Middleware Minimum Requirement of PRO-NES V30L20
Server OS Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition/ Enterprise Edition (SP2, 64bit) 
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition/ Enterprise Edition (64bit)
Oracle 11g R2 Client( for Windows Server 2008, for Windows Server 2012, 64bit) 
Oracle 12c R1 Client( for Windows Server 2012, 64bit)
.NET Framework 4.0 for Windows Server 2008, 4.5 for Windows Server 2012
Microsoft(R) Excel 2010/ 2013
Internet Information Service 7.5 for Windows Server 2008, 8.5 for Windows Server 2012
INTARFRM Rapid Edition Runtime V03L30
Crystal Reports
Runtime engine for .NET Framework SP5 for Windows Server 2008, SP7 for Windows Server 2013


OS/Middleware Minimum Requirement of PRO-NES V30L20
Client OS

Windows(R) 7 Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional (SP1, 32bit or 64bit)

Windows(R) 8 Pro, Enterprise (32bit or 64bit)

Windows(R) 10, (32bit or 64bit)

.NET Framework 4.0 for Windows(R) 7, 4.5 for Windows(R) 8
Microsoft(R) Excel
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