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FUJITSU Enterprise Application PRO-NES
Integration Products

PRO-NES offers integration products in order to meet your business requirement. You can combine this integration products with manufacturing system or others industry template system for improving your operation process efficiency.

The main integration products are depicted on the list below,

[Integration Products in PRO-NES]

Integration Products


PROFOURS is a business planning software, it equipped with features which help manufacturers to perform demand, supply, procurement and production planning easily. PROFOURS is seamless integrated with PRO-NES which allow you to view sales order, production plan etc. data from PRO-NES visually (Gantt chart, bar graph, load chart, etc.). In addition, PROFOURS performs scheduling based upon constraints such as facilities capacity, manpower resource etc.. You can improve the efficiency of production activities, reduce excess stock and accelerate decision-making process through implementing PROFOURS.

PROFOURS- PSI (Product/Procurement, Sales, Inventory)

PROFOURS PSI creates production plan based upon constraints by referring to the sales order and inventory data from PRO-NES system. The created production plan in PROFOURS will be reflected to PRO-NES system automatically. Thus, purchase/ work order will be generated according to the production plan from PROFOURS after MRP process.


PROFOURS- PPS (Product Procedure Scheduling)

PROFOURS- PPS adjusts the production sequencing(time, facilities) based upon constraints of production line by referring to the purchase/ work order data from PRO-NES. The created purchase/ work order data will be reflected to PRO-NES system automatically. You can eliminate the lead time on plan changing and refer to related orders easily through implementing PROFOURS- PPS.



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