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FUJITSU Enterprise Application PRO-NES
Financial System

Financial system provides comprehensive accounting solution for company-wide financial management. It is tightly integrated to Manufacturing modules. Transaction resulted from shipment and goods receipts are generated automatically as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable in the system, eliminating duplication of work and reduce human error.

Financial System comprises of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Reporting Tools and Fixed Assets* Modules.

[Financial System Key Features]

Financial System Diagram

System Benefits

  • Improve journal entries efficiency
    blue iconBesides the manual journal creation, all Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Costing transactions related to production can be journalized automatically. (by real time or periodically)
  • blue iconTemplate features enable you to eliminate unnecessary human entry error and save time during the creation of new journal.
  • blue iconSupport automatic calculation of allocation amount for each cost center according to the percentage defined in the template.

  • Accelerate closing process  
    blue iconFull integrated with manufacturing system enable you to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, reduce the mistake in journal and shorten the lead time of financial closing.
    blue iconTemplate features enable you to speed up voucher creation process and prevent posting to incorrect accounts.  
    blue iconCentralizing financial information to realize fast decision-making and multiple angles of business data analysis.

  • Real-time visibility into your company's finances
    blue iconSupport download necessary system data into Excel form for analysis or decision-making purposes.
    blue iconThe financial reporting tools in Financial System enable you to define your financial report layout freely.
    blue iconDashboard features enable you to visualize your financial data and generate management report from various points of view.

  • Country specific tax compliance
    blue iconStandard and localized features which meet individual country tax calculation and accounting standard requirement enables enterprises to roll-out their system to global subsidiaries within short period of time.
    blue iconStandard tax reports which required by individual country are provided under localized features.    
    blue iconSupport tax reform in your country by updating system features when necessary.    

  • Maintain your fixed assets easily and accurately
    blue iconAutomatic calculation of depreciation according to the setting in fixed asset registration (such as depreciation method, useful life etc.). 
    blue iconSeamless integration with General Ledger Module in Financial System. 
    blue iconStandardizing company-wide fixed assets data.  

Tax compliance through PRO-NES

Tax Compliance

  • Key features for Value-Added Tax (VAT)
    blue iconCalculate taxes that are levied on the value (price) added at each purchase/ sales goods and services task item. 
    blue iconParameter to setup VAT rate based on VAT code. 
    blue iconEnable to create journal voucher for the purchase/ sales VAT and posted to GL.  
    blue iconSupport undue services VAT operation. User can setup an account in General Ledger that temporarily holds VAT expenses from services invoices. After the invoice is paid, the VAT is transferred to the regular VAT expense account.
    blue iconGenerate VAT reports that you can submit to your tax authorities.

  • Key features for Withholding Tax
    blue iconRecord and report withholding taxes applying in relation to any provision of services during payment, receipt and journal entry. 
    blue iconEnable to create journal voucher for the paying/ receiving withholding tax and posted to GL. 
    blue iconGeneral withholding tax reports that can submit to your tax authorities.  

PRO-NES Sample Screen Image

Screen used IconSales Entry

Sales Entry Screen

comment iconRegister sales data for miscellaneous item.

Screen used IconJournal Slip Entry

Journal Entry

comment iconCreate journal data based on standing journal template.

Screen used IconFA Registration

FA Registration

comment iconSetup the basic information for the fixed assets.


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