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FUJITSU Enterprise Application PRO-NES
Business Package

Business Package is a solution that allows you to implement the system by business operation module basis, for instance, you can start from Basic Server Module and expand it to full functionalities according to your company's growth. Comparing to others system, Business Package avoids high implementation cost and long implementation lead-time, because you can expand it easily according to your business needs.

Business Package Diagram

System Benefits

  • Low cost and short implementation lead time 
    blue iconStart the system from Basic Server Module(included inventory control and master functionalities) with a small number of users enable you to minimize implementation cost and lead time.
    blue iconBusiness Package offers 5 types of business operation module which are Basic Server Module, Sales Order & Shipment Module, Purchase Order & Goods Receiving Module, Production Planning Modules and Work Order & Result Modules, you can select module that meet to your business needs

  • Step by Step implementation 
    blue iconBy utilizing the step-up implementation model concept, expand the system to full functionalities by step after confirming the result of system implementation in order to realize ideal IT investment and reduce system implementation risk.  

    [A sample of implementing Business Package based on step-up from Basic Server Module]

    Step-up Implementation

PRO-NES Sample Screen Image

Screen used IconStock Inquiry

Stock Inquiry Screen

comment iconUnderstand on-hand stock and transition of anticipated stock.

Screen used IconFinished Goods BOM/ Formula Inquiry

BOM Inquiry

comment iconInquire finished goods BOM/ formula structure detail.

Screen used IconCalendar PO/ WO Entry

Calendar PO/WO Entry

comment iconMaintain delivery date, quantity and etc. for purchase order or work order by referring to inventory and schedule stock-out information.


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