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FUJITSU Enterprise Application PRO-NES
Manufacturing System

Manufacturing system is a system that specially designed for assembly and processing manufacturing sectors. It contains functionalities for handling manufacturer's sales, production, procurement, shipment and AR/AP operation.

[Modules and option products etc. for Manufacturing System]

Manufacturing System Diagram

System Benefits

  • Efficient master data maintenance
    blue iconMaster data import features enable you to eliminate the hassle of manual operation and shorten the lead-time for data entering.
  • blue iconSystem configuration based on the various parameters setting that provided by the system in order to meet your business requirement.
  • blue iconBOM drill down features allow you to trace the component parts are belong to which product.
  • blue iconManage technical documents (e.g. drawing, specification) that related to the product/ component in the Item Master enable you to refer or utilize those documents easily from the system.

  • Support sales order management for manufacturers
    blue iconThe ability to create production plan automatically based on sales order information and inventory status enables you to shorten the lead-time for planning task.
    blue iconThe ability to check your customer's credit limit during the sales order entry in order to avoid bad debts.  
    blue iconThe inventory item availability tracking features are available under a same entry screen and you can allocate the stock for your order at the same time in order to improve your data entry efficiency.

  • Powerful and flexible planning features 
    blue iconSupport creating of forecast plan, confirmed plan and etc. to cater MTO, MTS and BTO production models in order to optimize resources usage.
    blue iconConfirming the inventory status at during plan entry in order to maximize the accuracy of production plan.

  • Streamline purchasing operation
    blue iconSupport both manual entry of purchase orders and automatic generation of purchase orders according to material requirement information that calculated based on MRP process to shorten the lead-time for purchasing task.
    blue iconA comprehensive MRP process provides accurate expected delivery date and quantity information of the purchased material, so you will receive your material on the right schedule and in a right quantity in order to reduce material inventory.    
    blue iconProvide pass due deliveries information in report format so you can grasp late deliveries status easily to avoid parts shortage.    
    blue iconMaintain purchase orders history enable you to track who and when the specific order is created/ edited/ deleted and improve governance.
    blue iconIntegrate the purchase result to financial system enable to eliminate journal data creation and posting time.

  • Realize shop floor visibility through the real time production result control
    blue iconSupport both production orders and automatic generation of production orders according to final/ WIP product requirement information that calculated based on MRP process to minimize the lead-time of production operation. 
    blue iconReal time updates of production result enable you to capture the production status in internal shop floor. 
    blue iconMulti-records batch entry feature and bar code scanner data collection helps you to save your data collection time, reduce entry mistake and ensure accuracy of the data.  

  • Optimize inventory levels
    blue iconStock control features which use for tracking and maintaining the incoming/ outgoing inventory effectively for avoiding the unnecessary inventory purchases.
    blue iconStock inquiry features enable to check the inventory information based on item/ warehouse/ process/ lot number unit etc. in the system.
    blue iconTransition of anticipated stock can be confirmed by item/ process unit easily.
    blue iconAbility to control inventory lot under production line/ process basis enables you to track when and which departments/ processes have involved.
    blue iconSupport both forward lot traceability from material through manufacturing processes to finished goods and backward lot traceability from finished goods back into manufacturing processes or finally to material/ parts receipts from suppliers.

PRO-NES sample screen image

Screen used IconCalendar Plan Entry

Calendar Plan Entry

comment iconCreate plan by referring to the schedule receiving and consuming quantity information.

Screen used IconS/O P/O Follow-up Inquiry

S/O P/O Follow-up Inquiry

comment iconProvide progress status information of daily production result in BOM level.

Screen used IconStock Inquiry

Stock Inquiry Screen

comment iconUnderstand on-hand stock and transition of anticipated stock.


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