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FUJITSU Enterprise Application PRO-NES
Cloud Service

Besides an on-premises solution, PRO-NES also offers a cloud-based solution which specially designed for small and medium enterprises. PRO-NES Cloud Service is loaded on Fujitsu Cloud infrastructure which enables to provide you a safe and reliable service. PRO-NES Cloud comprises both private and public cloud services; therefore you can adopt the service depending on your needs. In addition, you are able to lower your start-up cost required for system construction as well as reduce the system maintenance cost and complete the system implementation within a short period through adopting PRO-NES Cloud Service.   

[Cloud Service Image]

Cloud Service Image

Service Forms

PRO-NES Cloud Service comprises the following two forms,   

Cloud Service Model

Strong Support Capability

PRO-NES offers high quality and complete support to cloud users through support center, Fujitsu local SE company and developer.

PRO-NES Cloud Support


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