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SAN Boot improves availability, manageability and maintainability

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The SAN Boot function loads and starts OS from a fibre channel attached disk array.

Improved AvailabilitySAN-Boot Effects (1) 

Used with highly reliable disk arrays in ETERNUSLearn more 

ETERNUS storage system unifies data and provides stable storage operation.

Reduces time for backup/restore and patch applicationLearn more 

Disk to disk copy function shrinks server maintenance time, backup and restore, and patch application.

Collaborates with PRIMECLUSTERLearn more 

A cluster system can be configured using PRIMECLUSTER for total system availability.

Improved ManageabilitySAN-Boot Effects (2) 

Unified boot disk managementLearn more 

Server boot disks can be unified in a single disk array, simplifying boot disk management (backup/restore).

Managing development environment generationsLearn more 

Software development servers can be unified by a single disk array, This enables use of multiple development generations, reducing physical server numbers and management costs.

Improved MaintainabilitySAN-Boot Effects (3) 

Simplified faulty disk exchangeLearn more 

System administrators are freed from disk maintenance tasks. Faulty disks can now be replaced without server halt stoppage as the SAN disk is physically separate. Service engineers simply replace the disk while operations continue.