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UNIX Server SPARC Enterprise Technology -Business continuity



SPARC64™ carry forward mainframe high reliability technology

SPARC64™ series processors incorporated in SPARC Enterprise Mission Critical models, carry forward RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) technologies developed and proven on enterprise-class mainframes.


Memory mirror and memory patrol for improved system reliability

SPARC Enterprise incorporates a memory redundancy mechanism. It improves single system reliability by protecting all data in memory, even from uncorrectable multi-bits errors.


Main LSI interface data protection

Major LSI (System Controllers, Memory Access Controllers, Crossbars, I/O controllers, etc.) in SPARC Enterprise are Fujitsu manufactured components. The interfaces between these components, both data and address information, are protected by ECC.


High reliability is embedded in all components

SPARC Enterprise systems continue to operate even in cases of component failure. Basic components (HDD, Power Supply Units, Fans etc) are redundant and hot-swap. CPUs can be dynamically downgraded.


Server monitoring and administration by Extended System Control Facility (XSCF)

SPARC Enterprise M3000 models and above, are monitored and administered by the XSCF incorporated in each server cabinet. XSCF incorporates a service processor separate from all other processors.


Server monitoring and administration of SPARC T4

SPARC T4-4, T4-2 and T4-1 are monitored and administered using Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM). This is supported by a dedicated in-cabinet service processor separate from all other processors.


Whole system reliability supported by PRIMECLUSTER

High reliability of the total system is assured by the self-governing mechanisms within PRIMECLUSTER. These include, virtualization of redundant components, fast error detection, application take-over and system downgrading to ensure operational continuity.

System class marks indicate the following:


Available with SPARC T4-4, T4-2 & T4-1


Available with SPARC Enterprise Mission critical models M9000, M8000, M5000, M4000 & M3000