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SAN-Boot Effects

 (1) Maximizing Uptime |  (2) Simplified System Management |  (3) Simplified Maintenance |

Simplified System Volume Management

Managing many servers requires a great deal of time and effort.

To manage system volumes including backup, restoration, and patch application, administrators must also take great care in cataloguing and storing the large number of backup tapes required. Integrated management using an ETERNUS storage system can make it much simpler. Easy handling of backup system volumes in one ETERNUS disk storage system will reduce system administration costs. Copying volumes to disk storage will save both time and cost.


Saving Development Costs and Time

SAN Boot using an ETERNUS storage system will simplify the administration when handling multiple development systems. Typically the administration of multiple development servers is complicated - as backup of the separate development environments on each server, plus any needed restorations require additional effort and operational coordination.

Using an integrated management approach with an ETERNUS storage system will simplify administration; by making it easy to boot the relevant disk volume for a specific development. In addition each development environment can be made ready to use, swiftly whenever necessary. So the number of required development servers can also be reduced.