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SAN-Boot Effects

 (1) Maximizing Uptime |  (2) Simplified System Management |  (3) Simplified Maintenance |

Using the volume copy function of ETERNUS storage systems, system administration work is reduced and system backup/restoration, and patch application times are reduced.

Reduced System Backup Time

With ordinary system backup, internal hard disk based system volumes are copied to tape. A major problem with such procedures is that system downtime can be very lengthy. Using an ETERNUS storage system to hold the system volume significantly reduces backup time. The ETERNUS Advanced Copy function(*1) copies the system volume in a much shorter time.


(*1) Advanced Copy function is a high speed copy function that allows data on a disk volume to be copied to another volume, in the same disk array, in a matter of seconds.

Reduced System Restoration Time

Using the ETERNUS Advanced Copy function, system restoration time can also be reduced.


Reduced Patch Application Time

Patch application typically takes time due to the required system volume backup prior to and after the patch application. Such backup operations are necessary to allow system restoration if the patch application fails. Reducing these backup times means reducing the system halt time for patch application.


Collaboration with PRIMECLUSTER

SAN Boot disk storage devices can be made redundant using PRIMECLUSTER. System volumes in ETERNUS disk storage systems can be mirrored using PRIMECLUSTER GDS.

figure: Cluster System Congifuration (example)