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Fujitsu Mainframe Server GlobalServer GS8900 product information

Introducing the Fujitsu GlobalServer GS8900 Model Group featuring high performance and reliability to help our customers install new enterprise information systems in the Internet era.

The business environment that corporations face today is rapidly changing, information systems that can offer management solutions such as higher speed and globalization are needed now more than ever. It is time for "network computing" to be practiced across business lines, making the best use of network tools like PCs and the Internet. The "GS8900" consists of advanced high-end servers that fully utilize the most advanced CMOS and parallel technology, addressing today's network computing environment. We respond to the demanding requirements of your management strategy for the 21st century: effective utilization of information and improvement of business efficiency.

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The "GlobalServer" is composed of "multi-server" type enterprise servers

Multi-server systems utilize GlobalServer, UNIX servers and IA servers to make the best use of their respective strengths by connecting them with each other. Multi-server type information systems are highly productive systems that add the openness (easy access high-speed communications and a wealth of applications) of UNIX/IA servers to the features of your existing systems. With optimal allocation of servers based on the use and the scale of a system, this enables both process distribution and management centralization, for example, by assigning IA servers mailing tasks, UNIX servers order receiving/issuing tasks and GlobalServer overall system operation control. Thus, multi-server information systems can operate seamlessly, not only from the user's point of view but also from that of the system operators. It also allows for business expansion and provision of additional functions in a timely and flexible manner.