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Fujitsu Mainframe Server GlobalServer Software Environment

Operating Systems Environment

Fujitsu offers two major operating systems environments for GlobalServers.

  • MSP (718 KB): A high-end large-scale operating system supporting the full range of GlobalServers including the scalable multi-clusters systems.
  • XSP (60 KB): A mid-range operating system which supports the uniprocessor and tightly-coupled multi-processor GlobalServers.

Creating Network Computing Solutions

  • PowerAIM: An advanced Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) environment for client/server processing.
  • PowerCOBOL85: A visually based application development environment for stand-alone or client/server applications.
  • Symfoware: Advanced relational database technology. Integrating client PCs and GlobalServer based relational databases.
  • NETSTAGE/Partner: Allows internet/intranet access to GlobalServer based applications.
  • VRMGR: Supporting a 24-hour continuous operation solution.